15-18th November 2016
Hanover, Germany

Register for the EuroTier Innovations Campaign!

Use the chance to sharpen your profile with a Gold Medal or Silver Medal for Innovations. An impartial, international commission of recognised experts will decide which products are to be awarded an EuroTier Innovations Medal. The awards will be presented during an attention-grabbing ceremony at EuroTier 2016.

Acceptance of the regulations and observance of the deadlines set out in the award and test regulations is a precondition for participation. Please read the award and test regulations carefully.

No submissions received after this date can be considered.

You can submit innovations completely online only. The supporting documents and photos should be uploaded via Online-Service. Registration by mail, fax or email is not permitted and will not be accepted. Submissions can be registered in German or English only. Online submissions can be made by midnight on the final date for submissions. We shall inform you at the end of September 2016 whether your innovation has gained an award. Any recourse to a court of law is excluded.

Our service spotlights your award winning innovation!

Even before the start of the exhibition we publicise the results of the campaign in all the major agricultural magazines. Our website www.EuroTier.com offers a professional platform with its separate section for the innovations. Our high quality Innovations Magazine presents all award winning products. It is available at EuroTier. The world´s top event for animal production Hanover/Germany 15 – 18 November 2016


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