Competitiveness and export potential of beef cattle husbandry in Central Asia Internationale Konferenz

Mittwoch, 14. November 2018, 15.30 bis 17.30 Uhr


DLG e. V. is the leading international branch association of the agro-industrial complex. Being a professional voice of the industry, DLG promotes knowledge building, widespread technology and innovation, establishes criteria and ensures quality. DLG has a wide network of contacts all over the world, uniting about 30,000 members, including international experts, agricultural producers, manufacturers of machinery, equipment and products for agriculture and processing industries, as well as companies producing food. Areas of activity: transfer of knowledge and experience, testing of food products, equipment, equipment and means of production for agriculture, creation of professional platforms in approx. 20 countries, among them the world's leading Agritechnica, EuroTier, EnergyDecentral, DLG-Feldtage exhibitions held in Germany.

The Association of Beef Producers of Ukraine is the first Ukrainian beef cooperative. The Association of Beef Producers of Ukraine is an association of industrial enterprises for the breeding and processing of cattle of beef breeds. The structure of the Association includes more than 120 large industrial beef and dairy complexes and processing plants for beef. The main directions of the Association's activities are:

  • supplies of breeding cattle of beef breeds;
  • supplies of slaughter cattle of beef and dairy breeds;
  • supply of chilled and frozen meat;
  • creation on the basis of the cattle breeders the base for fattening on the basis of high-quality selective breeding with a standardized ration for the production of highly productive animals of dairy breeds;
  • construction of a large, modern slaughterhouse that meets all world standards;
  • obtaining certificates of meat production quality, incl. Halal, Kosher;
  • the international level, due to the formation of container loads of separate parts of the carcass of chilled meat.

Kazakhstan Meat Union unites domestic agricultural producers: breeding farms-reproducers and the Republican Chamber of Angus of Kazakhstan with a total livestock of about 100,000 cattle heads, commercial farms with a total livestock of about 1 000 000 cattle heads, industrial feedlots from 3000 cattle places, with a total capacity of about 100 000 cattle farms , certified industrial meat processing plants, with a total capacity of 50,000 tons of meat products per year. The combined production capacity is over 50,000 tons of meat per year.

Goals and tasks of the Union:

  • Development of the Kazakhstan meat industry as a full member of the world market
  • Implementation of modern technologies and genetics
  • The positioning of the brand of Kazakh beef is as natural, ecologically and organically pure
  • Protection of the interests of the members of the Union
  • Organization of meat exports on a system basis
  • Monitoring of production cycle and quality of manufactured products
  • Certification of products, including in foreign markets

The holding company "Uzpishchepromholding" was founded on the basis of the abolished Association of Enterprises of the Food Industry of Uzbekistan ("Pisheprom"). The holding includes 176 enterprises of food, fat and milk and beef and dairy products in the form of JSC and LLC.

Information support: is agrarian news agency, one of the largest Ukrainian information resources with an audience of 120,000 unique readers per month. The publications include agrarian news of Ukraine and the world, market reviews, market analysis of fertilizers, vegetables and cereals, as well as means of production for livestock, poultry, dairy products cattle breeding and agricultural machinery. The main readers are owners and managers of agricultural enterprises, specialists, experts, representatives of commercial companies and mass media.

Venue: EuroTier 2018, Hanover Exhibition Center, Convention Center Hall 13/14

Within the framework of the leading international exhibition for livestock professionals EuroTier DLG e.V. (International Association of Agriculture and Food) in cooperation with the Meat Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Association of Beef Producers of Ukraine, with the information support of the Agravery news agency, will organize an international conference in which issues of development of beef cattle breeding in the countries of Central Asia will be considered.

Opening remarks

Rene Döbelt, Vice President of DLG e.V.
Maksut Baktibayev, Head of the Meat Union of Kazakhstan
Lyubomyr Dykun, Vice President of the Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine
Tokhirzhon Jalilov, Chairman of the Board of Holding company "Uzpischepromhholding"

Speeches (Download as PDF):

Prospects for the development of beef cattle in Central Asian countries
Maksut Baktibayev, Head of the Meat Union of Kazakhstan

What is the way to develop Central Asia - the export of cuts or the export of live animals and half of the cattle?
Lubomir Dikun, Vice President of the Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine

Prospective export market: The requirements of the Arab world to beef. Products, prices, volumes.
Alexander Sviridenko, specialist in consumer packaging and retail chains at Sealed Air

From slaughtering to the consumer - a difficult path of cooled product.
Par Soderlung, Managing Director, Suma Gourmet General Traiding LLC, UAE

Reserves of growth of economic efficiency: the use of dairy cattle breeds for getting beef of high price categories
Yevgeniy Shatokhin, Director of AGRIFOOD Consulting

Examples of successful meat business
Izzat Mutalov, Director of Promeat LLC, Uzbekistan, Syrym Yertayev, Director of Қayip Ata LLP, Kazakhstan

Closing remarks:

Lyubomyr Dykun, Vice President of the Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine

Simultaneous translation into Russian/English
Participation in the event is free when there is an entry ticket for the EuroTier 2018 exhibition and registration.