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Award and judging regulations "Innovation Award EuroTier"

All approved exhibitors at EuroTier 2022 whose products are within the subject areas listed below can participate. This also applies to joint registrations. Participation is voluntary and is not linked to any additional, direct costs. The participant bears the sole responsibility for compliance with all applicable legal regulations and these DLG award and testing regulations.

Subject areas

  1. Farm inputs and technology for the use of farm inputs
  2. Technology for fodder storage and production
  3. Implements, accessories and spare parts
  4. Husbandry and feeding technology for beef
  5. Husbandry and feeding technology for pork
  6. Husbandry and feeding technology for poultry
  7. Husbandry and feeding technology for other species
  8. Climate and environmental technology
  9. Digital solutions for herd management and quality assurance/smart farming
  10. Milking and cooling technology
  11. Barn and hall construction
  12. Technology for solid and liquid manure, as well as poultry excrement
  13. Transport, farm and grazing technology
  14. Processing and marketing

Awarding the medals

Within the framework of the Innovation Award EuroTier innovation competition, the award decision is made by the commission in accordance with the evaluation guidelines for gold and silver medals. The decisions of the commission are binding for the parties involved and cannot be reviewed in court for their correctness. If an exhibitor fails to receive an award, the commission is not obliged to provide the exhibitor with reasons for the rejection. Complaints are to be addressed to the chairman of the commission exclusively via the supervising employee from the DLG main office. All documents submitted will not be returned. The award winners will receive a certificate and a medal for each product awarded a gold or silver medal. In the case of a joint entry, each of the participating companies will receive a certificate and medal in the event of an award.

Evaluation guidelines for gold medals

A product with a new concept for which the function has changed decisively and the use of which enables a new method or has considerably improved a known method, will be awarded an innovation gold medal. The importance in practice, animal welfare, the effects on operating and work management, the environment and the energy situation are decisive for the choice. The effects on simplifying work and on work safety are included in the evaluation.

Evaluation guidelines for silver medals

A product for which a known product has been developed further so that a considerable improvement in the function and the method is to be expected will be awarded an innovation silver medal. Here the product does not completely meet the criteria for awarding an innovation gold medal. The economic importance in practice, the performance, the quality of work and the operating safety are decisive for the choice. Furthermore, positive effects on animal welfare and the environmental and energy situation must also be taken into account.