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Tips on communication and marketing

How can you increase your visibility and achieve maximum customer commitment? The following guidelines will support you on the way to a successful presence at "EuroTier / EnergyDecentral digital".

1. Marketing: "Digital Platform"

Advertise on the platform

  • With advertising you'll reach the entire network of "EuroTier / EnergyDecentral digital" on every day of the four-day event.
  • With "top of the list" entries in the list of exhibitors you can link directly to your company profile or the Expo Showroom on the platform.
  • You can reach all visitors with a header banner in the program overview and in the exhibitor directory. All header banners can be linked internally to your company profile, in the expo show room or to your company event. 
  • With a logo sponsorship in the virtual DLG topic forums you can reach your target group.

Arrange meetings in advance

  • You can already begin networking and arranging appointments with registered participants before the event.

Share and advertise programme contributions and contents

  • Every landing page at "EuroTier / EnergyDecentral digital" has its own URL. That means you can already conveniently share the URLs of your company profile, Expo Showroom, programme, speakers, etc. with your customers and partners and exchange information before the event.
  • In addition to advertising on your own communication channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook) or in your E-mail signature, you can also attract attention in the DLG newsletters "Tierhaltung" (Animal Husbandry) and "Dezentrale Energien" (Decentralised Energy), as well as in the DLG members newsletter. Additional information to the DLG newsletters:
    DLG-Verlag · Kai-Uwe Busch · [email protected] · Tel. +49 69 24788-483
  • Invite your customers: Use all communication channels to invite interested parties to the events.

Actively increase visibility

  • Join the topical forums and contact other participants pro-actively via a chat or audio/video calls.
  • Be represented with a larger team in your company profile. As a result, you have more resources for addressing potential contacts.
  • Use the visual search in the "Network" to find the contacts and companies relevant for your company.
  • Find participants in the chat of the technical programme and contact them by chatting with them or calling them directly, address the entire group or request a meeting (1:1 or with several people).
  • Point out the possibility of a follow-up meeting during your programme event (1:1/public Expo Showroom).
  • Attract more visitors to your company profile or your programme event by booking additional advertising options on the platform.
  • Write comments in thematically relevant programme events to attract attention to the products and services you offer on this topic.

Let yourself be found

  • As an exhibitor of "EuroTier / EnergyDecentral digital", you automatically benefit from several options for being found by other participants.
  • All booked programme contributions are part of the official programme and will be listed in the conference agenda in which the other participants can easily find you.
  • Fill the "About us" section of your company profile with sufficient information about your company and use relevant keywords so that you can be found easily with the full-text search.
  • Add relevant contents for your target groups to your company profile (e.g. information brochures, sales documents).
  • Share the URLs of your company profile with visitors in chats to attract additional visitors.
  • Every speaker will be presented with a brief CV in the speakers' area.
  • As an exhibitor, you will always be listed in the list of exhibitors with your interactive company tile and will be found via the search.
  • Your employees are part of the "Network". That means a larger exhibitor package will lead to greater visibility in the list of exhibitors; a larger team will increase your organic range within the graphic.

Video on demand

  • As a participant in the digital technical programme, you benefit from long-term visibility and lead generation. Your programme events are available to all participants after the event in the archive so that they can still see your contents in the follow-up to the digital trade fair – and you can generate valuable leads.

Efficient use of data

  • Make sure that you also efficiently use the data you've collected during "EuroTier / EnergyDecentral digital" afterwards. For example, by sending a thank-you E-mail with additional information on your products to your visitors and new leads.

More Informationen at Exhibitor Service Portal

2. General marketing tips

Invite customers

Invite customers and guests now for free and unlimited!

Order visitor tickets

Logos and Banner

Use logos and banners for your communication

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