Exhibitors Media Preview 3 - 4 December 2020

From 27 November to 6 December, the database will show exclusively the participants of the Digital Media Preview for EuroTier / Energy Decentral 2021.
From December 7th you will find all exhibitors EuroTier / EnergyDecentral digital 2021.
A compact overview of all exhibitors can be found here as PDF.

In the search field you can search for exhibitors, brand names, product keywords, halls, countries, postcodes, etc. After clicking on a search result in the hit list, the detailed entry opens with all the information provided by the exhibitor.

Enter your terms in the search field and pay attention to suggestions as you type: The word is often found in different areas, e.g. "Italy" in the "Country" section, in certain "halls" or anywhere in a product profile text, etc. ("full text search").

You can create a combined filter in the search field by entering several words.
Example: Tractors - Italy - Hall 15. As a result, you will receive all exhibitors from the "Tractors" sector from Italy who have their booth in Hall 15.

In the category bar below the search field is displayed how often the searched term was found. If you click on the relevant category, you will get the hit list.

You can also use the category search under the search field: "Index of product groups": So you can find exhibitors via product categories.