Exhibition areas

The EuroTier is the world's leading trade fair for animal production

The exhibitors of the EuroTier (approx. 2,600 companies from 61 countries) provide an overview of all products and services for animal husbandry professionals across a hall area of over 290,000 m². No trade fair offers a greater range of products and services! Watch our EuroTier video for details

The trade fair will show:

New developments, products and services for breeding and keeping of farm animals and in particular cattle, pigs, poultry and fish.

Clear hall structure

  • Technology and services for individual animal species
  • Mixed feed / feed components / feed additives
  • Technology and services for all animal species

Preliminary hall map for EuroTier 2020

Hall division for EuroTier 2018

No trade fair offers a greater range of products and services!

Individual animal species
  • Dairy and beef cattle, as well as sheep, goats and horses: 101,000 m² / 690 exhibitors
  • Pigs and poultry: 47,000 m² / 450 exhibitors
  • Poultry (in 2020): 35,000 m² / 230 exhibitors
  • Feed and animal health / grinding and mixing: 66,000 m² / 890 exhibitors
For all animal species
  • EnergyDecentral, Aqua: 27,000 m² / 330 exhibitors
  • Wheel loaders, software, associations: 21,000 m² / 180 exhibitors