Theme routes for visitors

Farmers from Germany, Europe and many other important agricultural regions are rising to the growing challenges in their daily work. They are looking for solutions, technical innovations, ideas and impulses to meet these challenges.

The EuroTier trade fair is highly structured so that interested professional visitors can orientate themselves easily on the large grounds. We've also prepared our Theme Routes for themes that are more difficult to show in the hall structure. The same applies to the EnergyDecentral trade fair, where such Theme Routes will also be provided.

With the new EuroTier and EnergyDecentral app, visitors simply and individually use the Theme Routes as a guideline for their visit to EuroTier and EnergyDecentral.

Ensure your place in the EuroTier and EnergyDecentral Theme Routes to become visible for visitors.

EuroTier Innovation Award Route

Comprises: Gold and silver medal winners of the EuroTier 2020

EnergyDecentral Innovation Award Route

Comprises: Gold and silver medal winners of the EnergyDecentral 2020

Direct Marketing

Comprises, e.g.: Shop fittings, vending machines, sales trailers, technology for manufacturing cheese, technology for processing meat/sausage and digital payment systems.

Price: € 99


Comprises, e.g.: Fish farms, recirculation systems, floating net cages, fish farming accessories and feed for aquaculture systems.

Price: € 99


Comprises, e.g.: Stable buildings, indoor riding arenas, horse stalls, husbandry technology, horse walkers and special horse feed.

Price: € 99

Bedding, feed and bioenergy – The production and handling of pellets, wood chips, etc.

Comprises: Machines for processing solid fuels like chaff-cutting units, grinding plants, pelletisation systems, storage containers, firing installations and transport systems.

Price: € 99

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