Invitation service and tickets

Invite your existing customers, new customers and partners to EuroTier (incl. EnergyDecentral) and use vouchers as effective and inexpensive advertising to draw attention to your stand.

How you benefit from the invitation service

  • You have immediate access to the registered visitor data through an online portal.
  • You will receive your access data by email when you send your order.
  • Only used vouchers will be charged.

    How it works

    • All vouchers must be registered online before the start of EuroTier/EnergyDecentral.
    • Only through the successful online registration, the voucher can be redeemed into a valid e-ticket
    • Ticket registration is to be carried out personally by your customers.


    • The vouchers cost 13.50 EUR (net). After the trade fair you still get a discount on the net price.
    • The discount is therefore calculated on the basis of stand size in square metres and the number of vouchers redeemed. For this reason, discounts cannot be granted until after the fair.
    • Furthermore, the level of discount depends on the type of voucher and where your guests come from. Consequently, there are three different levels of discount: