Technical Programme

The EuroTier Special is organized by DLG, partly supported by further institutions such as e.g. Bauförderung Landwirtschaft (BFL), an organization devoted to promoting agricultural building construction and optimizing livestock management conditions. This year the topic is “Digital Animal Farming”. Regardless of whether cattle, pig or poultry – digitizing allows optimal networking of economics and ecology. The Special will illustrate both the benefits of increasing digitization and the challenges and risks of the new technologies.

This year’s EuroTier SPECIAL is under the heading of digital animal farming and is dedicated to one of the major challenges of successful animal husbandry. It will focus on how management support, animal welfare and food safety can be improved and supported on farm by utilisation of modern digital technologies. Development of profitable farming enterprises requires the utilisation of digital support in a format that suits the modern farmer.

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Dieter Mirbach 
Tel. 069-24788-312

Forum events of 45 minutes duration each on issues relating to the three major types of productive animals, i. e. cattle, pigs and poultry, form an important part of the technical programme. Presentations and panel discussions focus on specialist information on current topics in animal husbandry.

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Cattle: Dieter Mirbach Tel. 069-24788-312
Pig: Sven Häuser Tel. 069-24788-325
Poultry: Svea Sievers Tel. 069-24788-533