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As the world's leading trade fair, EuroTier presents the most important innovations, products and services for the breeding and keeping of farm animals. The focus is on beef, pork, poultry and aquaculture - the processing of feed into meat, milk and eggs. Topics and trends, e.g. alternative stable use systems, climate and environmental protection, digitization, processing, refinement and marketing, sales, offer information and provide inspiration. The core target group of visitors are professional farmers and traders. EnergyDecentral, the international trade fair for decentralized energy generation and agricultural energy, takes place parallel to EuroTier:

Clearly structured terrain: EuroTier 2018 exhibition grounds


  • Breeding animals, breeding programmes, trade, reproduction technology

  • Feed and other farm inputs

  • Feed storage, feedstuff production

  • Animal housing and shed construction

  • Husbandry and feeding techniques

  • Controlled environment and environment technology

  • Milking and cooling technology

  • Technology for dung, solid manure and slurry

  • Transport vehicles, transport services

  • Processing and marketing

  • Equipment and accessories

  • Management and consulting services

  • Training/ further education, Associations, media