Innovation Award EuroTier 2021

The EuroTier Innovation Award is presented by an independent jury (criteria can be found here, currently from 2018). The winners of the EuroTier Innovation Awards can be sure of great international attention. The registration for the Innovation Award not only demonstrates the competence of the developers in your company, but an award contributes to the image of the company and / or brand worldwide.

Animal Welfare Award

The Animal Welfare Award has been awarded since 2018 by the DLG together with the bpt (Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians). Prerequisite is winning a gold or silver medal at the EuroTier Innovation Award

While animal welfare is one of several criteria there, the Animal Welfare Award recognizes a product that "meets the requirements of a higher animal welfare standard to a special degree."

Evaluation guidelines for the „Animal Welfare Award“ 

Details can be found under point 5 of the criteria.

Assessment criteria

Click here for our award and judging regulations.


Exhibitors can register here.