Press service

DLG press office in Hanover

Why not start your EuroTier visit at our press office at the Presse Centrum? We are located on the first floor in the Convention Center (CC) on the Hanover fairgrounds.

Opening hours

14 November: 14.00 - 18.30 h
15-18 November: 8.00 - 18.30 h


DLG press office
EuroTier Presse Centrum (Convention Center/CC)
1st floor, Hanover Exhibition Centre, 30521 Hanover

Facilities provided:

  • Accreditation desk
  • Supervised cloak room
  • Lockers (€10 deposit)
  • Offices, provision of laptops, internet access, free Wi-Fi
  • Press lounge on the 1st floor
  • Press restaurant on the ground floor

Our services:

  • Daily updates on press conferences
  • DLG press releases
  • Exhibitor press releases
  • Directory of EuroTier and EnergyDecentral exhibitors (free, on presentation of your press pass)
  • Photos

Press Diary

Monday, 14 November 2016

15.00 h International DLG Press Conference (Simultaneous interpreting German/English/Russian), Convention Center (CC), Room 2
16.30 h EuroTier Opening ceremonie Announcement and Presentation of the Gold and Silver Medals, Convention Center (CC), Room 3

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

8.00 h Breakfast for the Press DeLaval International, hall 13, stand E33
9.00 h Press Conference Lemmer Fullwood, Convention Center (CC), Room 11
9.30 h Breakfast for the Press Förster-Technik, hall 13, stand E21
10.00 h Pressekonferenz, hall 22, stand C36
10.30 h Press Conference Diamond V – NutriTek – Dairy, Convention Center (CC), Room 107
11.00 h Press Conference GEA, Convention Center (CC), Room 13/14
11.30 h Press Conference Fachverband Biogas, Convention Center (CC), Room 11
11.30 h Press Conference VikingGenetics, halle 11 stand D36A
12.00 h Press Conference Lohmann Animal Nutrition (international), Convention Center (CC), Room Leipzig
12.30 h Press Conference Valorex, Hall 20, Stand K06a
13.00 h Press Conference Union zur Förderung von Oel- und Proteinpflanzen (UFOP), Convention Center (CC), Room 12
13.30 h Press Conferenz SILOKING, Hall 27, Stand G39
14.00 h Press Conference Delacon Biotechnik, Convention Center (CC), Room 18
14.30 h Press Conference German Genetic, Convention Center (CC), Room 11
15.00 h Press Conference Verband der ölsaatenverarbeitenden Industrie in Deutschland (OVID), Convention Center (CC), Tower Restaurant „Cosmopolitan“
15.30 h Press Conference AGRAVIS, Meeting Area hall 19, Room Casablanca
16.00 h Press Conference „Erneuerbare Wärme“, Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien, hall 25, stand K21
16.00 h Press Conference Zunhammer, hall 27, stand A38
16.30 h Press Conference Annaburger Nutzfahrzeuge, hall 27, stand A47
17.00 h Press Conference Weidemann, hall 26, stand E13
17.30 h Press Conference Schumacher Group, halle 25, stand H21
18.15 h Press Conference Manitou Deutschland, hall 26, stand F18
19.00 h EuroTier-Evening - „Get-together-Party“, hall Munich

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

8.30 h Breakfast for the press Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik, hall 27, Stand G07
9.00 h Press Conference Lohmann Animal Nutrition (Deutsch), Convention Center (CC), Room 12
9.30 h Press Conference ANITOX, Hall 2, stand E23
10.00 h Press Conference ForFarmers, Convention Center (CC), Room 11
10.30 h Press Conference Diamond V – Food Safety – Poultry, Convention Center (CC), Room 105/106
11.00 h Press Conference Horizont Group, hall 11, stand B12
11.00 h Guided Tour Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH - Biogashall 25, stand E18
11.30 h Press Conference Intervet / MSD Tiergesundheit, Convention Center (CC), Room Leipzig
12.00 h Guided Tour DLG, Fachverband Biogas, VDMA Power Systems hall 25, stand L18
12.00 h Press Conference Nedap, Convention Center (CC), Room 12
12.30 h Press Conference Isopan Deutschland GmbH, hall 15, stand E48
13.00 h Press Conference Bayer Vital, Convention Center (CC), Room Berlin
13.30 h Guided Tour Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH - Agrarhalle 27, stand A37
14.00 h Press Conference SKW STICKSTOFFWERKE PIESTERITZ GMBH, hall 27, stand B34
14.30 h Press Conference smaXtec, hall 11, stand B18
15.00 h Press Conference DSM Nutritional Products Europe AG, MSD Tiergesundheit, VZF und Marketing Service Gerhardy, Convention Center (CC), Room 11
16.30 h Press Conference 365FarmNet Group, hall 26, stand D24
17.00 h Jour Fixe for the Press New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, hall 12, stand C20
18.00 h Holland evening, hall 20, ForFarmers Booth E07
18.30 h EnergyDecentral-und BIOGAS-Evening- Get-together-Party, hall Munich

Thursday, 17 November 2016

9.30 h Breakfast for the Press Perstorp Waspik BV, hall 22, stand A10
13.00 h Press Conference Trouw Nutrition - LifeStart , Convention Center (CC), Room 234/Arcades

Friday, 18 November 2016

11.00 h Final Press Conference DLG (Simultaneous interpreting German/English), Convention Center (CC), Room 13/14


German Press
Friedrich W. Rach
Tel. +49 69 24788-202

International Press

Malene Conlong
+49 69 247 88 237

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