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Media partners EuroTier 2022

Leading specialist publications from Germany and abroad are media partners of EuroTier.

Our premium media partners

As of November 14, 2022


We are the leading brand for professionals in the swine industry. At 333 you will find professional and technical industry content, networking via our social network, training, and an online store with products for livestock, veterinary, and meat industry use. We have offered our services and online portals to the entire industry since 1998, promoting the image of our clients in a global and innovative way. We manage the largest professional community in the swine market: over 110,000 registered users from all over the world.


Agriculture in a nutshell. agrarheute is the national trade magazine for modern agriculture. Every month we provide you with information on politics, technology, animal husbandry and arable farming - both in print and as a digital edition. 


Ukrainian online-edition - all news of the agricultural industry and the world: online updates, qualitatively, accessible, expertly and practically. Our audience is small and medium-sized agricultural producers, companies that provide services, students, politicians.


Red Alimentaria is a global multi-platform community of the food industry sector based in Argentina. AmeriCarne is a magazine, published bi-monthly in digital version and specializes in the beef industry.


Association-neutral and with a focus on the topics of production technology, marketing and market events, BioTOPP is published by DLG and FiBL. The main target group are organic farmers and all farmers interested in ecological methods and topics.


With high-quality coverage of agriculture, Maskinbladet is distributed every three weeks to 25,200 active farmers, reaching professional decision-makers in agriulture in Denmark. In addition to Maskinbladet, the magazines Bovi and Hyo are published. They are currently the only independent, non-political publications in the sector. Bovi is for professional dairy farmers.

The DairyNews

The DairyNews - daily dairy market news.

The DairyNews is acknowledged expert on the global milk market and prestigious partner/member of international organizations and events such as IDF, IFCN, WDS, EuroTier, MilkPoint, etc. The DairyNews is the largest Russian-language edition of the dairy market. The DairyNews is influential, renowned and independent media outlet that follows dozens of daily updates on the world's dairy industry.

DLG Mitteilungen

As the DLG's leading specialist medium, the DLG-Mitteilungen stand for agricultural topics, management and independent market information. In addition to in-depth knowledge for day-to-day work in the company, thinking outside the box opens up future prospects.


eFeedLink is a market data and knowledge provider in the animal production and feed industry, and we are based in Singapore with affiliate partners worldwide. eFeedlink has been founded in October 2000.

Effektivt Landbrug

Effektivt Landbrug is a Danish daily business newspaper for professional farmers, contracters and companies within the Danish food cluster industry. is a website for agribusiness executives. We have collected all the most interesting information about Kazakhstan and global agriculture:

  • news from the offices and fields
  • expert opinions on the latest events
  • interviews with top managers
  • analytics and ratings
  •  insides and exclusives
  • various online projects.


HOFdirekt is the media format for direct marketers and brings concentrated knowledge to the farms. As a trade magazine for agricultural direct marketers, our reports, interviews and photo reports are aimed specifically at farms with their own marketing and processing of food. Between the publication dates, Hof direkt informs with current news on the homepage, social media and in the newsletter.

Holstein International

Holstein International is an international breeding magazine that publishes wide-ranging, unbiased content that enables you to improve your knowledge and the quality of your work within the Holstein industry.


With high-quality coverage of agriculture, Maskinbladet is distributed every three weeks to 25,200 active farmers, reaching professional decision-makers in agriulture in Denmark. In addition to Maskinbladet, the magazines Bovi and Hyo are published. They are currently the only independent, non-political publications in the sector. Hyo is for professional pig farmers.


An online assistant for farmers containing practical guidance and progressive experience, services essential in the daily work of farmers, as well as current offers for the purchase and sale of fertilizers, plant protection products, equipment, and production facilities.


The website targets the representatives of agribusiness and contains the latest news about Ukrainian and world agriculture: news from offices and fields, expert opinions on recent events, interviews with top managers, analytics and ranking, insider and exclusive news and various online projects.

LZ Rheinland

LZ Rheinland is the trade journal for agriculture in the Rhineland. Week after week, LZ Rheinland provides up-to-date reports from practice for practice on the following topics: Politics, economics, law and taxes, arable farming, grassland, dairy farming, pig farming, poultry, bioenergy, agricultural technology, special crops, market and price, country and family.


With 4 issues per year, the trade journal mais provides detailed, well-founded and practical information on the most important topics for successful maize cultivation. Maize growers, plant cultivation and crop protection advisors, breeders as well as all those interested in maize cultivation can inform themselves in detail about all maize topics such as production technology, utilisation, economics and research. 


With high-quality coverage of agriculture, Maskinbladet is distributed every three weeks to 25,200 active farmers, reaching professional decision-makers in agriulture in Denmark. The content of Maskinbladet sets the agenda politically and professionally, ranging from trade and industry to finance, law,  environment, energy, machinery, technology and machinery testing as well as arable, dairy and pig farming. Maskinbladet publishes on all relevant online and social media platforms.

MEAP (Middle East Agrifood Publishers)

MEAP (Middle East Agrifood Publishers) is the publisher of 2 scientific magazines Poultry Middle East & North Africa magazine and Bovine & Ovine Middle East and North Africa magazine.

Spreading knowledge and for free is our goal since our establishment.

We are printing and distributing our magazines for free since more than 40 years.

To go along with all new trends, we offer free access to our digital magazine copies.

You can read and download YOUR magazines anytime and anywhere.

You can also read the latest industry news and press releases and have access to thousands of photos took during shows.


"Milchpraxis - trade journal for specialists" informs its readers in a practical and comprehensive way. The trade journal reports on important topics in milk production across breeds. The focus of the journal is on animal health, feeding, herd management and herd care.

Perendale Publishers Limited

Perendale Publishers Limited is a creative, factual, innovative and dedicated UK publisher servicing both the animal feed, aqua feed and pet food industries worldwide. Its publications reach key industry readers and decision-makers globally, using up-to-the-minute digital methods of distribution that complement its printed circulation. The company’s titles include International Aquafeed, Milling and Grain (established in 1891) and International Petfood, which are published in Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, French and Norwegian. The company also produces an annual directory for the milling industry called the International Milling Directory which covers all milling activities from flour and feed production through to oil seed crushing. Titles are accessible via its websites or through subscriptions via its MagStand links found in its magazines or on its respective websites.


Profi Press ltd is the leading group of printed and on-line magazines and websites for farmers in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Covering news, business, crop and livestock production and agriculture machinery topics, Profi Press publishes: 

  • Weekly papers: Zemědělec (Farmer), Zemědělský týdeník (Farmer Weekly), Roĺnícke noviny (Slovak Farmer Weekly)
  • Monthly magazines: Mechanizace zemědělství (Farm machinery), Úroda (Crop production), Náš chov (Our herd)
  • Bimonthly magazine: Energy 21/Renewable Energy (Energi 21)  

Red Alimentaria

Red Alimentaria ist eine globale Multiplattform-Gemeinschaft der Lebensmittelindustrie mit Sitz in Argentinien. AmeriCarne ist eine Zeitschrift, die alle zwei Monate in digitaler Form erscheint und sich auf die Rindfleischindustrie spezialisiert hat.


Comprehensive, practical and well-informed in pig production - that is what schweinepraxis stands for. In 2 issues per year, schweinepraxis provides farmers and experts from all areas of pig farming with all important topics for this branch of business. High-quality editorial contributions and interesting reports from science and practice for an economically successful farm. 

Solo Aves & Porcinos

Red Alimentaria is a global multi-platform community of the food industry sector based in Argentina. Solo Aves & Porcinos is a magazine, published bi-monthly in digital version and specializes in the poultry and pork industry.

top agrar

top agrar is the No. 1 agricultural media in the German-speaking world. Every month, the magazine provides up-to-date specialist information and practical decision-making aids for farmers and decision-makers in the green industry. In the digital communication channels, top agrar scores with a high-reach website, newsletters, webinars, podcasts and offers in social networks.

top agrar - we are agriculture!

UGB (U gaat Bouwen)

25 years the manual for professional livestock farmers, builders and organisations active in livestock sector.

We Publish the following 3 Titles (Print/ Digital):

Our free magazines will be send by Post / Digital to Farmers with investment plans, specialised companies and organisations involved in Livestockhousing projects all over the world.

Women in Ag

Women in Ag is a new quarterly digital magazine for and about the women in agriculture. Its goal is to empower women in all the branches of agriculture worldwide by sharing positive, inspiring and informative stories from their colleagues from around the world. This includes stories straight from the farm, but also outsider stories of women who work in research, agronomics or mechanics and women linked to ag fairs worldwide.

World of NAN

World of NAN is the herald of agriculture of Kazakhstan

World of NAN is the leading agrarian portal of Kazakhstan, covering the agro-industrial complex of the country and the world. Information on the site is available in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. Both textual materials and video content are offered to the audience. 

Our media partners

As of November 8, 2022

agrarheute Rind

The specials "agrarheute Rind" and "agrarheute Schwein" inform cattle and pig farmers comprehensively, seriously and up-to-date. In addition they show trends, political and social developments so that you can adapt to the changes at an early stage.

agrarheute Schwein

The specials "agrarheute Rind" and "agrarheute Schwein" inform cattle and pig farmers comprehensively, seriously and up-to-date. In addition they show trends, political and social developments so that you can adapt to the changes at an early stage.

Agrarnyi Sector

Always choose a stable vector - reading  the Agrarnyi Sector

«Agrarnyi sector» magazine is a quarterly publication disseminated in Kazakhstan. Our Journal is read in the agrarian organizations, Agricultural Departments, Ministry of Agriculture and farmers. The magazine covers challenging issues of agriculture. The main topics are crop growing, cattle breeding, plant protection, agrarian science, new agrarian technologies. The magazine is published in full color, volume is 180 pages.


Agroexpert - monthly practical magazine for managers, mechanics and agronomists, vets, zoo technicians. Available for subscription in printed and pdf versions.


AGROPRESS is the spin-off of the Publindústria group that will focus on the agri-food communication market. The new company adds, in its portfolio, the edition of the Agrotec magazine and its supplements, the Tecnoalimentar magazine, and the Agronegócios Portal. Agrotec – agricultural technical-scientific magazine is the result of an editorial project that assumes itself as a missionary publication. Its purpose is to disseminate useful practices and concepts to technicians, entrepreneurs and small agricultural producers. It aims to present and promote innovative technologies that increase the competitiveness of Portuguese agriculture and Portuguesespeaking countries. It seeks clarity and honesty of content.


Every week, the Bayerische Landwirtschaftliche Wochenblatt provides farmers in Bavaria and Austria with information about daily life and work in agriculture. Get the facts and background on current agricultural policy, innovations in crop and animal production and agricultural technology, as well as all important agricultural market prices. In the "Village and Family" section with the topics: Youth + Education, Garden + Health, Household + Recipes, there is something for everyone!


The monthly agricultural magazine "BOSS-Agro" occupies a leading position in the information space of the agrarian sector of Kazakhstan. The magazine was founded 16 years ago and counts heads of farms and agribusiness specialists in Kazakhstan amongst its readers.

Farmit Website Oy is a subsidiary of the finnish company Terramdedia and maintains the website in Finland and the website in Hungary.  


It was January 1929, when the first issue of Agricultura magazine was published by Editorial Agrícola Española, S.A. In 2000 Ganadería, the livestock journal, was born because of the continuous requests from the readers and the growth of the livestock farmer area. This journal is a bi-monthly publication and has reached an important position into the technical publications market.
Moreover, Editorial Agricola Española publishes a large amount of technical books and technical articles about different topics for the agrifood sector.

Käytännön Maamies

Käytännön Maamies, KM, is the leading professional magazine of Finnish farmers. The subscriber and reader coverage of KM on farms with more than 100 ha tillable is 79%. This magazine is published twelve times a year.


KMVET is the magazine concentrating on the health and nutrition issues of milk cows, beef cattle and pigs in Finland. This magazine is published six times a year.


Stormproof for agriculture

  • For generations, LAND & FORST has simply been a part of our farms.
  • Competent technical articles, up-to-date information and strong opinions that are especially important for agriculture in Lower Saxony. Regional like no other.

LAND & FORST. The voice of agriculture. For generations.


Providing high value-added information to support the performance of agriculture and food professionals

The Réussir group was founded in 1986 with the mission of providing high value-added information to professionals in the agricultural and food sectors.

The group's ambitions are :

  • To become the leader in professional information for the entire agricultural and agri-food ecosystem.
  • To provide our professional communities in agriculture and food with a complete information system: web, paper, data, event and video.

The Réussir Agra group now includes press titles specialising in agriculture, food press titles and the reference agency for the agro-economic world.

Sattler Agrar Media

The agricultural yearbooks from Sattler Agrar Media have been a unique practical medium for information, contact and presentation for over 20 years. The media are now available as regional editions for almost all German federal states. For more than 45 years, the publishing house has been successfully active on the market with exclusive estrus calendars and dairy service folders as well as specialist books. Agricultural children's media are now also part of the publishing program.