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International Conference Central Asia

16 November 2022, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Convention Center, Room 3B

"Prospects for livestock development in Central Asia - how to strike a balance between increasing production and creating a forage base?"

How to strike a balance between increasing production and creating a forage base? – At EuroTier 2022, DLG will be hosting an international conference dedicated to issues concerning animal production in Central Asia in cooperation with partners from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. It will be focusing on the issues of strategies for sustainability in the livestock sector, climate change and impacts on livestock production, solutions for securing the feed base, potentials of alternative protein sources as well as the international competitiveness of the region and the expansion of international trade relations. 

The objective of the governments in the Central Asian countries is to further expand domestic animal production in order to secure their own supply of products of animal origin and to access export markets. Animal production in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan is concentrated on smallholding structures and private sideline enterprises. Between 80 and 90 percent of milk are produced on farms with up to a maximum of five animals, for instance. 

In recent years, however, increasing urbanisation and rising requirements on the quality of foodstuffs have been fostering the professionalisation of livestock farming through the use of high-performance genetics, modern technology and innovative barn concepts. In this process, special subsidy programmes are also being implemented to support farms in their operational investments. Particular focus is being placed above all on the supply of feed, which represents a limiting production factor as a result of increasingly dry summers and the rising demands being made on high-performance animals. 

Politicians and business experts will be discussing future strategies

During the course of the event, representatives from the fields of politics and business will be discussing possible strategies for the sustainable development of livestock farming and for securing the feed base in the Central Asian countries. 

Welcoming address
  • Philipp Schulze Esking, Chairman and Vice President, DLG e.V.
Opening remarks

Animal production in Central Asia – development objectives, challenges and solutions

  • Dzhanybekov Askarbek Saparbekovich, Minister of Agriculture of the of the Kyrgyz Republic 
  • Zhenis Oserbay, Vice Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Bakhodir Ismailovich Isaev, First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Veterinary Medicine and Livestock Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Chairman of the Poultry Association "Parrandasanoat"

Investing in livestock production in Central Asia - what does it matter?

  • Uwe Weddige, Team Leader of the German Dairy Sector Competence Development Project in Kazakhstan
  • Strategies for sustainability in the livestock sector of Central Asia
  • Climate change and impacts on livestock production
  • Solutions for securing the feed base
  • Potentials for the inclusion of alternative protein sources in feed rations
  • Approaches to increase competitiveness
  • Importance of international cooperation and trade relations


  • Tilek Ashimov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Livestock Association of the Kyrgyz Republic, Co-Chairman of the Eurasian Meat Union, Chairman of BT Innovations Financial Fund
  • Maxim Bozhko, President of Egg Producers Association Kazakhstan, CEO of Shanyrak Group
  • Ismailov Ulugbek, Managing Director of the Agency for Animal Production "Uzbekchorvanasl" of the State Committee for Veterinary Affairs and Development of Animal Production of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Dauren Matakbaev, CEO of Aqbas – Kazakh White-Headed Cattle Breed Association

Moderator: Dr. Olga Hunger, Regionaldirektorin Mittel-und Osteuropa, DLG-e.V.

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The project Competence Development Milk in Kazakhstan aims to improve the skills of technical and managerial staff on dairy farms (pilot farms) as well as local extension service providers and specialised institutions. The pilot farms are advised on how to plan and implement investments in modern, sustainable and animal welfare-friendly production systems to increase their production in the long term. In addition, events will be held to inform a wide range of professionals about modern dairy production methods and systems.

BT Innovations specialises in providing financial services to businesses and farmers in Kyrgyzstan. The fund provides loans, finances investment projects and offers leasing and advisory services.

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