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Pig farming without tail docking

Hall 15

The DLG Spotlight ‘Pig farming without tail docking’ aims to highlight solutions from the industry and discuss best practice examples from different countries.

The aim of the spotlight ‘Pig farming without tail docking’ is to further raise awareness of the issue of no docking so that investments in infrastructure, management and marketing are worthwhile for animals and humans in the long term.

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In this special area, EuroTier exhibitors will present tried-and-tested and innovative concepts from breeding to slaughter that support farms in the implementation of the no-docking policy.

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The spotlight will be supervised by recognised experts from the official advisory service, who will provide valuable tips on all days of the trade fair and shed light on this multifactorial topic from all angles.

The focus will be on the following areas in particular:

Breeding and genetics

Keeping sows

in the insemination and holding barn

Housing and care

of sows and piglets around birth

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Pen structure and climate control

in piglet rearing and fattening

Management measures, animal observation and animal health

Advice and tips on marketing

Feed and feeding technology

In addition to exhibits and information boards from the co-exhibitors of the Spotlight, pig strategies and approaches from industry and practice will be presented on the neighbouring Expert Stage. Short presentations, interviews, videos and virtual farm visits guarantee a wide variety of formats.