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Safe Business

More hygiene. More space. More safety.

The organisation of trade fairs, conferences and congresses demands robust safety and infection control measures, especially now in view of Covid-19. For DLG as the organiser, the health and safety of all customers, partners, guests and employees is a top priority. EuroTier / EnergyDecentral will therefore take place under the following framework conditions to ensure your safety and business success.

More hygiene

The Hanover trade fair venue boasts an excellent infrastructure and already complies with the highest hygiene, health and safety standards. These measures are now being significantly expanded again.


Additional disinfectant dispensers will be provided in heavily frequented areas as well as in the entrance areas, toilet facilities, forums and conference areas.


Door handles, stair rails and other high contact surfaces will be regularly cleaned and disinfected. This also applies to sanitary facilities.

Health & safety guidance

Signs and announcements, etc. will be used to regularly remind visitors to the site about the health and safety measures i.e. no shaking of hands when greeting people, cough/sneeze into the crook of your elbow, frequent hand washing, avoid touching your face.

Face masks

All persons are obliged to wear face masksat all times if the minimum distance of 1.5 metres cannot be observed.


Our state-of-the-art ventilation systems ensure a constant exchange of fresh air in entrance areas, exhibition halls and conference rooms.

More space

The following measures will be implemented to ensure adherence to the 1.5 meter minimum distancing rule at EuroTier / EnergyDecentral.

Minimum distancing rules

Everyone at the trade fair must be able to observe the 1.5 metre minimum distancing rule throughout the entire site.
A maximum number of persons per day of the trade fair will therefore be set for each event. In addition, suitable measures will also be taken to implement the rules of conduct and distancing.

More spacious layout

For example the aisles in the halls will be widened. Additional open spaces will also be created at highly frequented points (in front of entrances and exits, at service points, in front of the restaurants, cloakrooms and toilets).

Separate entrances & exits

Entrances and exits will be kept separate throughout the entire venue as far as possible.

More safety

Numerous measures will ensure the best possible protection of your health and safety throughout your visit to the trade fair restaurants, at the stands and in your hotel.

Consulting health professionals

DLG is in constant contact with the DMAG and the responsible health authorities. Medical services is ensured on the exhibition grounds during the entire event period.

Online registration

Pre-registration of all persons visiting the Exhibition Grounds, including stand assembly/dismantling staff, is required. Visitors must also state the days on which they will be visiting the trade fair. This enables the total number of persons at the exhibition grounds to be controlled.

Catering at the Exhibition Grounds

The concept for catering services at the Grounds will comply with all legal requirements.

Visitor registration at the exhibition stands

Exhibitors are obliged to collect data on all visitors who stay at the stand for at least 15 minutes for consultations, negotiations or sales talks. Herefor the visitor’s badge is scanned and the duration of the conversation is recorded.

Hotels in Hanover and the Hanover region

We are in close contact with hotels and catering establishments, where extensive safety concepts will also be implemented to ensure that your visit to the trade fair is a resounding success.

Visitors from abroad

Entry of trade fair participants from abroad is generally possible

The federal government has decided that trade fair participants (exhibitors and visitors) can in principle travel to Germany, even if they come from a country that is not part of the EU / Schengen area or the group of countries on the German positive list. Current information on the entry requirements for participants in trade fairs in Germany can be found on the website of the Exhibition and Trade Fair Committee of German Business (AUMA).

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