The technical programme for professional livestock farmers

The EuroTier 2016 Technical Programme offers visitors a range of specialist side events that are made up of forums, specials, discussions and events that provide livestock farmers with a comprehensive overview of topical issues in cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep and goat rearing as well as aquaculture.

The Forums will be led by exhibitors and members of the DLG expert committees and will explore topical issues, trends and innovations in modern livestock farming. These Forums will focus on topics that relate to specific content of the various Specials depending on individual species, hence affording a comprehensive overview.

Our service: A number of Forum events will provide for German-English simultaneous translation.


Cattle Forum, Special “Healthy udders throughout the year”, TopTierTreff, International Cattle & Pig Event


Pig Forum, Special “Future-proofing pig finishing”, International EuroTier Cattle & Pig Event


Poultry Forum, Special „Indoor Emission Control“, International Poultry Conference

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Young DLG, International Visitors' Lounge, Stage programme