Review: 2016 Technical Programme for Aquaculture

More than 10,000 professional visitors from 40 countries came to Hanover and met in the Aquaculture special area to inform themselves at lectures and discussions or to seek neutral advice on all aspects of aquaculture, inland fishing, water conditioning and environmental technology. The proven combination of specialist exhibitors with consulting, information and an exhibition area for aquaculture candidates was a magnet for visitors and a reason to visit.

AQUACULTURE Forum – already almost cult status

In the course of its last appearances, the Aquaculture Forum made a good name for itself and, as a lecture event with more than 40 technical contributions on four days, it was Germany's largest aquaculture specialist event in 2016. The lectures and discussion events covered all economic sectors and aquaculture candidates and gave people a voice who reported on innovations and fishing practice, practice-oriented experience, solutions and hotspots from a full range of topics. 

A collection of summaries of the lectures from the Aquaculture Forum can be requested by sending an e-mail to: 

Neutral consulting – ask the experts!

In contrast to the livestock sectors pig, cattle and poultry, sound expert advice on aquaculture topics is only available at a few locations and explains the great interest in the neutral consulting area at EuroTier 2016. The following participating institutions were extremely busy providing advice and assistance: 

Advising institutions: 

  • DLG e. V. (German Agricultural Society) with the DLG Ausschuss für Aquakultur (Aquaculture Committee)
  • Institut für Binnenfischerei (Institute for Inland Fishing), Potsdam Sacrow
  • VdBA – Verband der Deutschen Binnenfischerei und Aquakultur (Association of German Inland Fishing and Aquaculture)
  • Kompetenznetzwerk Aquakultur (Aquaculture Competence Network) 
  • Bundesverband Aquakultur (German Federal Aquaculture Association)  

Experience AQUACULTURE – with live candidates!

The showcase “Wachstum im Wasser” (Growth in Water) was part of the aquaculture presentation and invited visitors to experience aquaculture. Living aquaculture candidates were shown in their natural habitat water to attract attention to their diversity and their individuality. After all, approx. 400 economically relevant aquatic organisms are cultivated for human consumption. Together with our co-designers we showed fish, crustaceans, mussels, macro-algae and the technology and raw materials required for successfully operating aquaculture. 

Co-designers in the showcase

  • Karl von Keitz Nachf. GmbH
  • Euroduna Rohstoffe GmbH
  • GICON Corporate Group
  • GLOBALG.A.P – c/o  FoodPLUS GmbH
  • OceanBASIS GmbH

No industry get-together without a party – celebrating right at the stand!

We really let it rip again with the fish party on 16 November 2016 directly following the exhibition. Where there was work, there was also room for celebration. This was also true for the international Fish Dialogue on 17 November 2016. There international producers met trade partners, established new contacts and conducted business over a glass of wine and aquatic delicacies.