Technical Programme Cattle

EuroTier 2016 once again had a very strong showing in cattle. 

Specialist sessions on topical cattle breeding and farming issues took place at the Cattle Forum on each of the show days. Besides a wide choice of sessions on animal health, welfare, biosecurity, feeding, management and economics, the work of the DLG bodies was presented to EuroTier visitors. 

Entitled “Healthy udders throughout the year”, the Special was dedicated to one of the major challenges facing the successful dairy farmer: maintaining and improving udder health in the herd and in the individual cow. Issues such as how to establish the ideal values for the individual farm and what factors to take into account in optimising udder health in the lactation, transit and dry phases were addressed on display boards, in short videos and in other display materials across the 600 m2 floor area of the Special. 

Given the repeated calls from the public for reducing the use of antibiotics on farms, maintaining udder health by optimising husbandry and cow care has become the dairy farmer’s top priority.


Last year’s TopTierTreff was once again a major attraction and a must for cattle breeders.  Top quality genetics of German and international dairy and beef cattle breeds were on display on the revolving stage on all four days of the show, helping cattle farmers select the right genetics for their farm. The exhibitors provided information on the top animals in their breeding programmes along with their breeding performance and benefits, split into individual breed blocks. International sheep and goat breeds were also represented at the TopTierTreff. 

For vets 

The German Association of Practising Veterinary Surgeons held its fifth annual conference and veterinary trade show in parallel to EuroTier 2016.

Looking ahead to 2018

More details on the Cattle Programme at the upcoming EuroTier 2018 will be available here in spring 2018.