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DLG Spotlights: First-hand expert knowledge

What are the current issues in the cattle, pig, poultry and agricultural energy sectors? What is the current status of the much-discussed issue of emission reduction? What services and prospects are there for direct marketers?

In the DLG spotlights "Cattle", "Pig", "Poultry", "Energy", "Emission Control" and "Direct Marketing", the DLG will address the key questions of the animal husbandry industry together with exhibitors and experts from the scientific community.

What you can expect in the DLG Spotlights:

Emission Control

Dust, ammonia and odorous substances from animal stables affect the stable climate and the environment in the form of emissions. In the DLG Spotlight, exhibitors use their technical solutions to provide information on measures, in particular, for effectively reducing ammonia emissions. Solutions and innovations from all stages of production – feeding, animal husbandry, ventilation, treatment of liquid manure – are shown that help minimise ammonia in barns and sties or already prevent it from occurring.

Programme Schedule (preliminary)

Direct Marketing

Products from their own region with traceable origin and freshness are important reasons for many people to buy agricultural products "directly from farmers". On-farm processing and direct sales are therefore becoming attractive for an increasing number of agricultural enterprises. In Germany alone, around 30,000 farmers currently practice direct marketing, with varying degrees of intensity and professionalism - all the way up to the perfectly organised farm shop. And this trend is on the increase. Experts and exhibitors provide information about technical solutions, products and services, as well as current marketing strategies.


The three Spotlights focus on the topics of breeding, husbandry, feeding and marketing. You can expect up-to-date information and offers on topics such as animal health, animal welfare, future-oriented husbandry concepts and techniques, as well as on the topic of digitalisation in stables and in the value-added chain.
The programme also includes:

  • Pig: Phasing out of anaesthetic-free piglet castration
  • Cattle: Pasture management and suckler cow management, herd management
  • Poultry: AI in the poultry house, "in-ovo sexing"


In the DLG spotlight "Energy production in agriculture" you'll encounter state-of-the-art technologies, from power generation, control and storage to the use and sale of self-generated electricity in agriculture. Established, highly efficient power generation plants meet both pioneering and visionary concepts there. Whether it's agro-voltaics, solar carports or base-load-capable gas engines – here the energy turnaround is decentralised and part of the agricultural value-added chain.
The focus is on the intelligent use of self-generated electricity. Wheel loaders, robots or drones - an electric drive is a common characteristic of all systems. Here it is important in dependence on need to control, to store and ultimately to use the power generated as projected or to market it for a profit. Discuss with system builders, manufacturers and doers of tomorrow!