Farming in the food chain Feed Production. Quality Farming. Food Safety.

Guiding theme 2020

Livestock farming is the mainstay of sustainable agriculture. At the same time, it is an important link in the food value chain - from feed cultivation to the shop counter.

Consumers increasingly want to know where the food they consume comes from. To meet this demand, processors and retailers demand the traceability of every single batch across the entire chain.

The EuroTier 2020 will show how transparency and traceability in agriculture can be implemented and how it can be integrated into digital solutions for the entire value chain.

Planned event formats on the topic:

  • "Special", i. Stand space, on which the DLG informs with the support of science and consulting to the current state (requirements of consumers and processors, technical solutions, service providers, etc.).
    At the same time, companies present their already existing and usable technical solution approaches, so that the visitor is informed on several levels: content requirements, desirable and technically already implemented solution approaches.
  • Transparency through proximity: Marketing in the region or directly on the farm also serves transparency: the producer or at least the middleman at the weekly market is known. Therefore, this focus of the EuroTier 2020 is a good complement / implementation of the guiding theme.
  • Forums: Transparency and traceability throughout the food manufacturing and processing chain will be the subject of discussion.
  • DLG Talk Tier / Conferences like Pig or Dairy / Cattle-Event: these activities also deal with special aspects of the theme.