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EuroTier Guiding Theme: Farming in the Food Chain

Feed Production. Quality Farming. Food Safety.

Consumers increasingly want to know where the food they consume comes from. To meet this requirement, processors and the food trade are demanding the traceability of each individual lot over the entire chain. EuroTier 2021 will show how transparency and traceability can be realised in agriculture and how they can be integrated in digital solutions for the entire value-added chain.

The topic will be taken up in various digital formats:

DLG-Special 'Emission Control': Solutions for preventing, reducing and controlling emissions 

DLG-Special 'Direct Marketing':Marketing in the region or directly on the farm also serves to increase transparency: the producer or at least the distributor at the weekly outdoor market is familiar. 

DLG 'Cattle', 'Pigs' and 'Poultry' Forums: Transparency and traceability in the entire food production and processing chain will be addressed. 

Total farm management concepts for cattle, pig and poultry: Combining animal welfare and environmental friendliness in modern animal stables is a challenge that must be met in feasible sty, barn and poultry house concepts.

DLG Talk "Animal" and other trade events: The digital DLG Talk "Animal" and the digital Cattle & Pig Event will also take up special aspects of the main theme.

NEW: In the DLG blog on EuroTier you'll also find current topics, background information, news and information on the guiding theme of "Farming in the food chain".