Technical Programme Pig

The Pig Forum delivered a fascinating programme of highly specialised topical issues on pig production across all four days of the show, with plenty of useful information on the latest feeding strategies and feedstuffs. 

The Pig Forum was also a central platform for presenting the work of various DLG bodies. Farmers reported on their experience with new approaches to livestock farming, feeding strategies and manipulable materials to improve animal welfare.

The ‘Future-proofing pig finishing’ Special was organised jointly by BFL (Bauförderung Landwirtschaft - an organisation devoted to promoting agricultural building construction and optimising livestock management conditions) and DLG and shone the spotlight on the international trends in pig finishing. 

Tried-and-trusted and new forms of house construction, air conditioning and livestock, feeding and health management were presented by large numbers of EuroTier exhibitors. 

Alternative marketing channels for pigs were also featured at the “Future-proofing pig finishing” Special. Specialists in livestock and feed management, animal health and house construction were on hand to give visitors expert, unbiased advice.

A separate area of the Special was dedicated to alternative methods to castration without anaesthesia. It gave pig farmers an opportunity to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of the individual alternatives, and the issues of the perception of boar taint and the processing properties and marketing of boar meat were also featured.

Looking ahead to 2018

More details on the Pig Programme at the upcoming EuroTier 2018 will be available here in spring 2018.