Technical Programme Poultry

The Poultry Forum delivered a fascinating programme of highly specialised topical issues on poultry production across all four days, covering such subjects as ways of reducing emissions in the poultry house, handling birds with untreated beaks, and animal welfare.

The ‘Indoor Emission Control’ Special was an opportunity to find out about integrating emission reduction measures in the production process – known as indoor processes – that minimise dust, ammonia and odour emissions. If proven effective, the processes shown could provide an alternative to exhaust air treatment and offer the advantage of not only reducing emissions but also positively impacting on animal health and welfare and on working conditions for the farmer.  

EuroTier exhibitors presented their strategies and processes for floors (e.g. special bedding materials and bedding additives), feeding (e.g. feed additives and adapted feeding) and climate technology (e.g. heat exchangers). The Special was accompanied by discussions on indoor processes in the Poultry Forum.

Looking ahead to 2018

 Please note that the next World Poultry Show will take place at EuroTier 2020