Technical Programme Poultry

The Poultry Forum will be offering an extremely interesting programme on technical issues once again this year and cover the entire bandwidth of modern poultry production. Above all valuable knowledge about options for digitizing in the poultry house, poultry feeding and reduction of waste air emissions will be presented. Visitors will also be able to hear interesting presentations on the topics of animal health and animal welfare.

The Special “Digital Animal Farming” will examine the digitization of production processes in animal housing facilities and on the farm. Whether in production supervision, animal health and animal welfare, the farm’s nutrient balance or transparency for customers – the use of sensors and targeted data management make it possible to take into account the needs of the animals, the environment, the farmers and consumers – all on an equal footing. Management can be simplified and faults can be avoided by networking systems and technologies on the farm. In Hall 26, EuroTier exhibitors will present exhibits and explanations regarding animal keeping in the digital age in a Special Show and provide visitors with more in-depth information via short lecture events and discussion panels.