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User Manual EuroTier/EnergyDecentral digital

Located centrally at the internet address 

the interactive platform “EuroTier / EnergyDecentral digital” is also accessible via both trade fairs, and All platform users – visitors, exhibitors and media representatives – will be using contact functions that are similar to those used on social business networks. In addition to these common features, a range of easy-to-use communication formats such as video meetings, video conferences, chat, text messages as well as comments are available to communicate with other platform users. Video communication is a core function of this new digital platform and switching between video conversations has been made easy. The digital "exhibition stand" is accessible via the entry in the exhibitor list, now listing over 1400 exhibitors. 

Access with online ticket and registration

By activating the command button "Ticket shop" at, a new window will open, which offers two choices: “buy a ticket” or “redeem voucher”. Vouchers are usually received from a business partner or an exhibitor. Journalists choose "press accreditation". DLG members can order their free ticket with their membership number, choosing the category "Buy tickets".  Using the login details -email address - provided in the ticket shop, visitors can log in to the digital exhibition platform at from 1 February 2021. 

Opening hours

Tickets are available already now several weeks before the event commences. The EuroTier digital platform will open its digital gates on February 1, 2021 at 9 a.m., prior to the official start of the trade fair on 9th February. In this way, visitors have several days to familiarize themselves with the platform, which means they can set up their user profile, and, above all, start to organize meeting times with exhibitors. When the four-day digital event concludes on 12th  February, the “EuroTier / Energy Decentral digital” platform will remain open until 31th May, 2021. Up until this time, visitors will be able to consult the detailed presentations as recordings from the technical programme that were previously broadcast live during the online event. The technical programme, created by the DLG, is an important knowledge centre for livestock professionals

After login – what do to

A registered user logging into “EuroTier digital” for the first time, will be prompted to create a profile, using the "Settings" command button in the upper right corner. Most users will appreciate the options to upload a profile photo, list their social media channels or websites, but also the option to detail specific areas of interest, such as poultry or dairy equipment. By clicking on “Networking” the user can network with other visitors, exhibitors or journalists and also add them as a contact, effectively exchanging digital business cards. The principle is based on reciprocity, which means a contact request must first be accepted. The three dot symbol next to a person's name can be used to make contact inquiries, video calls, chat, etc. A search field helps locate and manage contacts.

The "Home" view

From the “Home” welcome page, the user can switch to the “Exhibitor” areas, visit the technical programme, join the discussion and support forums, and can find an overview of all speakers in the technical programme. Visitors can also search for and manage contacts via the “Networking” command button.

The digital "exhibition stand"

Moving the mouse over the icons on the left-hand side of the screen, will enable the search field to open and users can switch from the “Home” area to the areas of exhibitors, specialist program, discussion forums, networking and "My Show". The “EuroTier digital” exhibitor database can be found on the left in the main menu under “Exhibitors”. Exhibitor entries on the digital platform are interactive, which means the “stand personnel” can be seen via profile pictures or directly in the video conference room. If a visitor wants to be contacted later by an exhibitor, e.g. via chat, the option to "register interest" exists. A longer conversation with an exhibitor can be planned using the option "request a meeting". Offers and products presented by exhibitors are found quickly via a full text search, using the search icon, the magnifying glass symbol, in the main menu.

Digital technical programme

The “Technical programme” area can be accessed via the “Live programme” in the Home area or directly on  the menu via “Technical programme”. The dates of all events are listed in calendar view and can be bookmarked, which then transfers them to the personal calendar. The scheduled events in the technical programme are also listed on the normal webpage

Personal functions

The functions for managing contacts, appointments and chats can be found at the top right column. Both the list of networked contacts and the personal appointments e.g. for Outlook. can be exported. A notification bell symbol leads to incoming inquiries and the activity log. Networking functions can also be configured individually in the personal settings using the profile icon.

Taking technical obstacles

The platform works best with Google Chrome browser. Some users in corporate networks may have to overcome initial obstacles when interacting with the digital platform. It is recommended that they consult with their IT administrators to ensure that the Internet browser allows access to the microphone and camera when accessing On the EuroTier digital launch page, a technical system check can be conducted to verify that the chosen computer, audio and video functions will work optimally.

The homepages of EuroTier,, and EnergyDecentral, point the way to the interactive digital platform. There, further technical and organizational questions are answered under the "FAQ" section in the visitor area. Operating instructions can also be downloaded there as a PDF.

Switching to the “My Show” view on the menu on the left or in the middle of the screen, provides a full overview, which enables good planning of a trade fair visit and shows clearly which exhibitors have been selected, which upcoming presentations, events or meetings to attend. The online platform of "EuroTier / EnergyDecentral digital" thus offers functions for business networking and appointment management that can also support a presence trade fair.