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Invitation service and tickets

With a direct approach and personal invitation you can reach the right customers for your stand.

Invite your existing customers, new customers and partners to EuroTier (incl. EnergyDecentral) 2022 and use vouchers as effective and inexpensive advertising to draw attention to your stand.

How you benefit from the invitation service

  • You can easily order and send your vouchers directly at the Ticket Service Center (access is available via the Exhibitor Service Portal).
  • You have immediately access to the registered visitor data through the Ticket Service Center. You will see directly who registered and used your vouchers.
  • You can use the visitor data anytime for your own marketing activities.
  • Only used vouchers will be invoiced after the trade fair.

✓ Order the desired number of vouchers in the Ticket Service Center, where you can also invite your visitors directly and manage quotas.

✓ You can access the Ticket Service Center via the Exhibitor Service Portal, under Service Orders ➝ Invite Visitors.

✓ Under "Order Vouchers", you can order both paper and e-vouchers.

✓ The e-vouchers are added directly to your account and under "Invite visitors" you have the option of downloading an Excel file with links and associated 14-digit registration codes or inviting your guests directly via the portal, with an e-mail customized by you.

✓ You will receive the paper vouchers by mail within 6 - 14 days from 01 August 2022 (only available until 28 October).

✓ Paper as well as e-vouchers must be registered online before the start of the fair.

✓ After successful online registration, your customers will receive their e-tickets by e-mail as PDF or mobile tickets for smartphones.

✓ After the trade show, you will only be billed for the vouchers used on site.

  • The e-vouchers cost 16.81 EUR (net), Paper Vouchers 19,33 EUR (net). However, after the trade fair you still get a discount on the net price.
  • All exhibitors benefit when visitors are actively encouraged to attend and thus they all contribute to a „discount fund“ as they pay the fee for their stand.
  • The money that goes into the discount fund is paid back in full as it is used to reduce the costs for the vouchers redeemed.
  • The discount is therefore calculated on the basis of stand size in square metres and the number of vouchers redeemed. For this reason, discounts cannot be granted until after the fair.
  • Furthermore, the level of discount depends on the type of voucher and where your guests come from. There are three different levels of discount:
    • Level 1: for all paper vouchers, you receive the standard discount
    • Level 2: all e-vouchers redeemed by visitors with a German address qualify for a double discount
    • Level 3: all e-vouchers redeemed by visitors with a non-German address are free of charge
Do you still have any questions about the invitation service?

E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +49 (0)69 24 788 425