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We are making in-person meetings possible again and look forward to welcoming you at Hanover trade fair grounds from 15 to 18 November 2022. As the organizer, we are making every effort to make your visit to the trade fair grounds as easy and safe as possible.

‘EuroTier – SAFE & EASY' offers you all of the relevant information that you need for planning in advance and for your visit to the trade fair.

This information corresponds to the current status of the Lower Saxony coronavirus regulations. The information will be checked regularly and adapted as required.

Ticket sale / registriation

  • Book your ticket online in advance
  • Register online

Entrance policy

  • Guidance system at the entrances
  • Mouth and nose cover recommended in the entrances

On site

  • Hygiene services
    • Extensive grounds and wide visitor paths
    • open stands
    • regular air exchange in closed rooms
    • hand hygiene stations
    • Increased cleaning intervals
  • A mouth and nose cover is recommended in closed rooms
  • Safety distance of 1.5 meters possible due to generous planning
  • Contact tracking through Corona-Warn app recommended

Planning your journey, tickets, contact tracking, trade fair services and hygiene regulations

All important information can be found here in detail:

All general information for planning your journey can be found here.

Entry regulations when travelling from abroad

Regulations for re-entering your country of origin

Please obtain information from the authorities in your country of origin in good time concerning the modalities applicable on re-entering the country.

  • We highly recommend buy Tickets online in advance. Payment is possible by credit card or PayPal.
  • The tickets are available on the go and enable contactless access.
  • Prior, personal registration is obligatory.
  • We recommend the installation and use of the Corona-Warn App during your stay on the grounds of PotatoEurope 2022.

Traffic routes and recreation areas

The exhibition ground is very extensive, covering an area of 45 hectares, and has an excellent infrastructure with wide visitor routes, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene.

Disinfection and cleaning

Cleaning intervals are increased for event operations; in addition, entrance and exit areas, toilets, etc. are disinfected several times a day. Disinfection dispensers can be found in the entrance areas, toilet facilities, at service points and in the forums.

Guidancesystem and signposting

Signs will be used regularly to point out the protective measures at the trade fair grounds

Partition walls

Transparent partition walls made of glass and plastic will be installed on the exhibition grounds at all counters and counters where contact between employees and service providers takes place (e.g. in the press center, at checkrooms, info points, in service offices).


Food and beverages are offered primarily in the outdoor area for takeaway.

Medical care

If you feel unwell and show symptoms of COVID-19, please contact the medical center immediately (first) by telephone:

Phone: +49-69-2 47 88 - 229.

The first-aid station is located at the exhibition management in the center of the site.

In urgent cases, dial the familiar emergency number directly: 112.

Here you find the latest information on the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.


  • Information of the German Federal Foreign Office on entry restrictions, testing and quarantine regulations in Germany  
  • Current information for travellers from the Federal Ministry of Health  
  • Here you find current general information of the AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, on entry requirements for trade fair participants from abroad 

Find out whether your destination country accepts your covid vaccine as valid for travel via this LINK. In case your covid vaccine is not accepted in Germany you´ll be able to enter with a negative PCR test. You´ll be able to enter the fairground with a negative 72h PCR test or 24h rapid test.