The Animal Welfare Award was established by the DLG together with the bpt (Federal Association of Practising Veterinarians) in 2018. The prerequisite is winning a gold or silver medal at the 'Innovation Award EuroTier'.

While animal welfare is one of several criteria there, the Animal Welfare Award honours a product that "meets the requirements for a higher standard of animal welfare to a particularly high degree."

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Registration deadline: 31 July 2024

All companies qualifying as exhibitors at EuroTier 2024 and whose products fall within the categories listed below are eligible to participate in this competition. Joint submissions may also be made. Participation is voluntary and involves no extra costs. The participating company bears sole responsibility for adhering to all relevant statutory provisions and to these DLG award and judging regulations.


  1. Farm inputs and equipment for their use
  2. Feed storage and mixing equipment
  3. Equipment, accessories and spare parts
  4. Cattle management and feeding technology
  5. Pig management and feeding technology
  6. Poultry management and feeding technology
  7. Housing and feeding technology for other animal species
  8. Climate control and environmental technology
  9. Digital solutions for herd management and quality assurance / Smart Farming
  10. Milking and cooling technology
  11. Animal housing and shed construction
  12. Dung, solid manure and slurry technology
  13. Transportation, farm and grazing technology
  14. Poultry and egg processing and marketing

The additional Animal Welfare Award will be presented to a product that has already been awarded a gold or silver medal and that particularly meets the requirements for a higher animal welfare standard. Innovations in the areas of animal welfare and animal health are decisive for the selection. Products that promote the practice of species-typical behaviour and positively support the health of the animals are therefore particularly emphasised. Registration for the EuroTier Innovation Competition 2024 automatically includes registration for the Animal Welfare Award 2024. The award is presented by the Innovation Commission (point 5 of the Testing and Award Regulations). The prize winner(s) will be announced during the announcement of the gold and silver medals. Award-winning products must be fully functional at the time of the exhibition and available on the market by EuroTier 2026 at the latest. The exhibitor is obligated to provide self-disclosure regarding market availability.

This takes place in two steps.

  1. One year after the award, the exhibitor must provide information on the market availability of the award-winning innovation.
  2. Shortly before the next EuroTier, the exhibitors’ second statement is made as to whether the award-winning product is available on the market. 

To win a gold medal for innovation, a product must represent a new concept in which the function has changed significantly and which facilitates a new process or substantially improves an already familiar method. Decisive in its selection will be its practical significance, its contribution to animal welfare, the impact on operating affordability and efficiency, on the environment and on energy consumption. Its impact on labour saving and health and safety at work will also be considered.

To win a silver medal for Innovation, a product must represent an advance on an existing product such that a significant improvement in functionality and process is achieved. It will be a product that does not fully meet the criteria for the award of an Innovation Gold Medal. Decisive in its selection will be its practical significance in terms of cost, its performance and quality under working conditions and its functional safety. Further factors taken into consideration include animal welfare and impact on the environment and energy consumption.

Within the framework of the Innovation Award EuroTier innovation competition, the award decision is made by the commission in accordance with the evaluation guidelines for gold and silver medals and the Animal Welfare Award in accordance with the evaluation guidelines for the Animal Welfare Award. The decisions of the commission are binding for the parties involved and cannot be reviewed in court for their correctness. If an exhibitor fails to receive an award, the commission is not obliged to provide the exhibitor with reasons for the rejection. Complaints are to be addressed to the chairman of the commission exclusively via the supervising employee from the DLG main office. The award winners will receive a certificate and a medal for each product awarded a gold or silver medal. The winners of the Animal Welfare Award will also receive a certificate and a medal. In the case of a joint entry, each of the participating companies will receive a certificate and medal in the event of an award.

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