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International technical programme

EuroTier is a platform for the future issues of livestock management. Benefit from the know-how of international industry experts and discuss current topics, trends and strategies with experts. From 12 to 15 November 2024, we will present a top-class international technical programme live from the world's leading trade fair for professional animal farming and livestock in Hanover.


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Coming soon!

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On-farm slaughter and direct farm sales

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International marketplace for top genetics

Cattle - Sheep - Goats
Live breeding animals. Programmes. Expert Talks.

Expert Stages

Bild Geflügel (copy 1)

Expert Stage Poultry

Bild BRE (copy 2)

Expert Stage Cattle

Bild Schwein (copy 1)

Expert Stage Pig

Bild Pferd (copy 1)

Expert Stage Horse

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DLG "Animal talk"

DLG "Animal talk" addresses the major challenges facing the international livestock industry in its "Animal talk": Food security, climate impact, animal welfare, sustainability. 

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Inhouse Farming

Vertical Farming and New Food Systems

Bild EnergyDecentral (copy 1)


EnergyDecentral takes place at the same time as EuroTier. As an international trade fair, EnergyDecentral has established itself as the leading platform for decentralized energy supply.

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EuroTier Guiding Theme 2024

We innovate animal farming

The exhibitors at EuroTier 2024 will show in a variety of ways which new, innovative approaches and strategies can be used to improve the efficiency, sustainability and ethical standards of animal farming.

Conferences, conventions and events

Bild International Cattle & Pig Event (copy 1)

International Cattle & Pig Event

Bild International Poultry Conference (copy 1)

International Poultry Conference

Bild Animal Health Event (copy 1)

Animal Health Event

Bild IPE (copy 1)

International Poultry Event

For start ups

Bild agrifood start-ups (copy 1)

agrifood start-ups

Shape the future of agriculture

The meeting place of the start up scene: Visions. Ideas, projects. Networking.

Bild Prototype (copy 1)


Challenge. Collaborate. Create.

Software developer and start-up competition.

For young professionals

Bild YFD (copy 1)

Young Farmers Day

Getting started in agriculture and agribusiness.

Bild C&C (copy 1)

Campus & Career

Platform for jobs & careers, science and research in the agricultural sector.

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Young Farmers Party

Information, discussions, business networking

Bild Junge DLG (copy 1)

Young DLG

Become part of the future network in agriculture.