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Barn Robot Event

Autonomous, adaptive agricultural systems are becoming increasingly important for practical farming, as the availability of qualified labour is decreasing and many new systems are able to react to changing conditions during the process with the help of sensors. This development is not only taking place in the field, but also in the barn with a view to improving animal welfare, reducing environmental pollution, optimising working conditions and ensuring profitability.

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The Barn Robot Event is organised in close cooperation between the Chamber of Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia, the University of Bonn and the DLG and takes place every two years at the Düsser Milchviehtage and EuroTier in Hanover with a different focus.

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The Barn Robot Event at EuroTier 2024 is dedicated to the topic of automatic feed pushing in cattle barns. Live demonstrations during the trade fair will showcase feed pusher robots in practical use on a prepared area.

EuroTier exhibitors have the following advantages by participating in the Barn Robot Event:

Product placement

outside the main stand

Attractive presentation

of themed exhibits as part of a DLG spotlight

Moderated live presentation

(in German and English) of the exhibits at fixed times on all days of the fair

Information on

suckler cow husbandry, intensive beef production and extensive robust cattle husbandry as well as breeding, milk and meat production


of performance characteristics of the equipment and their operating conditions

Maximum attention

through the separate promotion of the event

Keep up to date

Thanks to detailed reports after the trade fair

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The event also includes an ideas competition "Automation in the dairy cattle barn", which is aimed at young scientists. The award ceremony will also take place at EuroTier, which will ensure additional media attention for the exhibits and their manufacturers.

Spotlight Barn Robot Event 2022