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DLG Spotlights

DLG Spotlight: Barn Robot Event

Hall 13

Autonomous, adaptive agricultural systems are becoming increasingly important for practical farming, as the availability of qualified labour is decreasing and many new systems are able to react to changing conditions during the process with the help of sensors. This development is not only taking place in the field, but also in the barn with a view to improving animal welfare, reducing environmental pollution, optimising working conditions and ensuring profitability.


DLG Spotlight: Pig Farming without tail docking

Hall 15

Solutions from the industry and best practice examples from different countries.

The aim of the spotlight is to further raise awareness of the issue of no docking so that investments in infrastructure, management and marketing are worthwhile for animals and humans in the long term.


DLG Spotlight: TopTierTreff

Hall 11

Breeding animals and offspring of the different dairy breeds are presented on the stage of the TopTierTreff several times a day and commented on by experts. A technical programme on breeding issues as well as dairy and meat production round off the information on offer.


DLG Spotlight: AI in poultry farming

Hall 17

Solutions for the poultry house of tomorrow in a central joint area

The DLG Spotlight “AI in poultry farming” aims to highlight the possibilities of the constantly advancing developments in the field of automation and digitalization in poultry farming and illustrate them with examples.


DLG Spotlight: Inhouse Farming

Hall 24, Stand C30

Technical discussions and insights into selected technologies and solutions for the new agricultural and food systems with a focus on insects