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EuroTier 2024 – Partners of the technical programme

As the world's leading trade fair for animal husbandry professionals, EuroTier presents a top-class technical programme with subject-specific and cross-species topics. The programme is designed by the DLG in cooperation with national and international partner organisations.


The annual bpt congress is one of the most renowned advanced training events for practicing veterinarians in German-speaking countries. It offers training for farm animal, small animal and horse practice, practice management and food safety as well as top-class professional events. The congress will be accompanied by an extensive veterinary trade fair. In 2024, the congress will take place from November 14 to 16, partly parallel to EuroTier in Hanover. Vets are eligible to participate, the conference language is German.

Bundesverband Rind und Schwein e.V. (BRS)

The Bundesverband Rind und Schwein e.V. (BRS) is the umbrella organization for German cattle and pig production. It promotes German farming and livestock management as well as the quality of animal production through its diverse activities. At EuroTier, the BRS organizes the joint stands a joint stand for its member organizations of the specialist groups beef and pork. The BRS also takes part in the TopTierTreff events. The association is also a co-organizer of the "International Cattle & Pig Event".

Bundesverband für Tiergesundheit e.V. (BfT)

The Bundesverband für Tiergesundheit e.V. (BfT) represents the leading manufacturers of veterinary medicinal products, veterinary technical products, diagnostics and,  as far as covered, digital monitoring applications, medicated feed, feed additives and feed supplements in Germany. The Animal Health Industry Association is committed to the responsible use of veterinary medicinal products and to a knowledge-based and innovation-friendly framework in order to ensure the availability of high-quality products for the health and welfare of farm animals and pets and thus contribute to an active and carefree life of people together with their pets, to the control of animal diseases and to a  food supply that is safe, of high quality and that protects resources.

At EuroTier, the BfT, together with the German Cattle and Pig Association (BRS), will be presenting further modules on claw health and metabolic health in dairy cows. BfT and BRS are thus expanding the Healthy Calf | Healthy Cow platform initiated in 2022. The aim of the initiative partners is to provide farmers with quick guidance on the key points of dairy herd health management.

Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung e. V. (DVT)

The Deutsche Verband Tiernahrung e. V. (DVT), as an independent trade association, represents the interests of companies that manufacture, store and trade feed (mixed, mineral, single feed, etc.), premixes and additives for livestock and pets. The DVT is very involved in DLG committees such as the DLG working group forage and feeding. In addition to appearing as an exhibitor, the DVT significantly supports specialist communication and the exhibition on the subject of animal feed at EuroTier.

European Pig Producers e.V. (EPP)

It is becoming more and more important for pig producers in Europe to think internationally and also to keep an eye on global trends. For this reason, the EPP network was founded in Denmark in 1990. The aim of the association is to exchange experiences and information across national borders. The knowledge transfer takes place as part of the annual congress, study trips or meetings at the EuroTier in Hanover. Here, the more than 600 members regularly find out about the latest developments and innovations in pig farming, pig feeding, animal welfare and management. As a partner of EuroTier and DLG, the European Pig Producers Club is co-organizer of the “International Cattle & Pig Event”, which traditionally brings together cattle and pig farmers as well as consultants, scientists and company representatives at EuroTier to find out about current political and social issues Exchange challenges in livestock husbandry.

European Poultry Club e.V. (EPC)

EPC is an association of producers, poultry farmers and organizations involved in egg and poultry production in Europe. In close cooperation with practitioners, companies and scientists, the club deals with questions of the economic and production-specific design of egg and poultry production, taking into account the social requirements in Europe and the world. Purposes of the club are:

  • The creation of a neutral platform for the transfer of current market information and scientific findings to the industry and society
  • The promotion of know-how transfer for egg and poultry production in terms of management, production and marketing
  • The promotion of European egg and poultry production through participation in committees, at events and exhibitions of the DLG (e.g. EuroTier).

The "International Poultry Conference" and the "International Poultry Event" are technical highlights and the meeting point for the international poultry industry at EuroTier.

German Biogas Association

With more than 4,700 members, the German Biogas Association is the largest German and European body representing the interests of the biogas sector. The German Biogas Association brings together and represents the interests of substrate suppliers, plant planners and constructors, biogas plant operators, energy providers, and people from research and development as well as public bodies on a national and international level.

The objective of the association’s work is to enlarge the production and use of biogas for the generation of electricity, heat and fuel production, to strengthen the industrial location Germany and to develop an effective climate protection. The goal is to expand the production and use of biogas based on local circumstances and thus to ensure a safe, sustainable, decentralized energy supply suited to regional contexts. Furthermore, this is supposed to result in positive effects on the environment.

We create national and international platforms for exchanging opinions and knowledge and bring together the expertise of sector by coordinating industry stakeholders.

Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft e.V.

The Forum Modern Agriculture (Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft) brings together associations, organisations and companies from the agricultural sector. Their common concern is to inform about modern agriculture and to strengthen the dialogue between society and agriculture. The association has 75 members and is supported by 175 agricultural enterprises. In addition, the AgrarScout network comprises around 650 farmers who do public relations work for modern agriculture. You can find more information here:

ISN – Interessengemeinschaft der Schweinehalter Deutschlands e.V.

The ISN represents the interests of the market-oriented and specialized pig farmers in Germany. Nationwide, the ISN is committed to its approximately 9,000 members in the fields of market, politics and economic services.

The aim of the association is to sustainably improve the competitive position of pig farmers. For this purpose, extensive specialist knowledge is used vis-à-vis market partners, politicians and authorities. The international specialist knowledge is continuously expanded through a close exchange, e.g. with the European Pig Producers (EPP) as well as regular participation in the world's leading trade fair for animal farming, the EuroTier in Hanover.

VDMA Power Systems

The trade association Power Systems within the German Mechanical Engineering Association (VDMA) is the information and communication platform for the manufacturers of

  • engines
  • thermal turbines and power plants
  • hydro power plants
  • wind power plants
  • storage and sector coupling technologies

for all topics of the industries.

It represents the interests of manufacturers of decentralised energy systems such as combined heat and power plants and stationary gas engines to be used in the food or building industry.

Please find below an overview of the committees and most important topics in which VDMA Power Systems is active:

  • energy policy
  • legislation
  • standardization
  • power grids
  • technology and guidelines
  • innovation
  • international activities
  • market analyses
  • trade fair concepts
  • public relations
  • export promotion

German Association of Chambers of Agriculture (VLK)

The German Association of Chambers of Agriculture (VLK) is the umbrella organisation of the Chambers of Agriculture and the only neutral platform nationwide for coordinating cooperation between the local Chambers of Agriculture in the areas of education, extension, environment, production, market and applied research. The agricultural administrations and institutions of all federal states are networked in the committee work. Representatives of federal ministries, federal authorities and federal associations are involved in this cooperation through guest status. The focus is on the exchange of information and experience, the joint publication of trial results and results from project work, coordination on the division of labour in trials, the joint production of working materials and further training for advisors.

At EuroTier 2022, the VLK, together with the Chamber of Agriculture in Lower Saxony, will be presenting current issues relating to animal husbandry at the joint stand of the Chambers of Agriculture in Hall 26, as well as the work of the Focus on Animal Welfare network and the Sustainable Farming Concepts in Hall 26 with other partners.

Zentralverband der Deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft e.V.

The Zentralverband der Deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft e. V., based in the House of Agriculture and Food Industry in Berlin, is the umbrella and top organization for the German poultry industry. With around 8,000 members, the ZDG is a strong representation of the interests of an important industry and an important point of contact for politics and the public at federal and EU level.

The association is divided into federal associations, in which the specialist work is carried out, and the federal idea lives through strong regional associations. Representatives from all departments and the regional associations come together in the ZDG Presidium. The ZDG is the voice for the political implementation of the specialist work carried out in the federal associations.

The ZDG exclusively supports EuroTier as the leading exhibition in the poultry industry and, together with the DLG competence center, presents a top-of-the-line specialist and exhibition programme.