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Animal Welfare Award 2021

First awarded in 2018 by the DLG in collaboration with the Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians (bpt), the Animal Welfare Award is a special prize for innovations that particularly promote animal welfare. Only winners of a gold or silver medal of the Innovation Award EuroTier 2021 will be considered. Crucial for the selection are innovations in the fields of animal welfare and animal health. Products that promote the exercise of species-specific behaviors and positively support animal health are thus highlighted.

Calf Monitoring System

Futuro Farming GmbH

As part of the EuroTier Innovation Awards, products that foster the exercise of species-specific behaviour patterns and positively support animal health are additionally presented with the Animal Welfare Award by DLG together with the German Association of Practising Veterinary Surgeons (bpt). Technical solutions that lead to increased animal welfare and animal health are therefore specifically highlighted.

The ANIMAL WELFARE AWARD 2021 is being presented for the Calf Monitoring System from Futuro Farming GmbH, Regensburg. By means of continuous calf monitoring and speedy feedback to the farmer, the system enables effective health monitoring for each individual calf in the population.

The system for the early detection of diseases in calves is based on a precise, energy-saving and, above all, non-invasive infrared sensor. It detects the calf's behavioural pattern. The sensor data are promptly evaluated with AI and a prognosis for potentially developing diseases is produced. The information from the evaluation is made available to the farmer directly via an app and an online platform.

Thanks to earlier treatment, the continuous monitoring of the calf and the quick provision of information to the farmer can help to make the courses of diseases milder and reduce calf mortality. By quickly treating a calf, particularly during the first few days of its life, the monitoring system can contribute directly to protecting the calf and its health and is therefore able to significantly improve animal welfare.