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Direct farm sales and on-farm slaughter

Hall 13

The ‘direct farm sales and on-farm slaughter’ spotlight at EuroTier 2024 will focus on mobile slaughtering and highlight its central role in the direct farm sales of agricultural products. The development of successful direct farm sales allows farmers to market products directly from the farm. This strengthens the relationship between producers and consumers and offers economic benefits.

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The integration of mobile slaughter units offers farmers the opportunity to market their products regionally and directly. This includes poultry meat from EU-approved mobile poultry slaughter units, pork from modular, semi-stationary slaughter units and mobile cattle slaughter units.

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Discover the latest innovations in the field of mobile slaughtering at EuroTier 2024. Gain insight into the legal framework, marketing strategies and economic considerations associated with direct farm sales. Engage in direct dialogue with experts and industry practitioners in Hall 13. Be inspired by examples of best practice and develop sustainable consumer relationships.

"Mobile slaughter" facts

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Lively and increasing popularity of meat products from mobile slaughter among consumers with an affinity for animal welfare.

Greater willingness to pay and customer loyalty for meat from near-on-farm slaughtering.

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In Germany: Around 200 farms and service providers that slaughter cattle, pigs and poultry on the move. The proportion of pigs slaughtered on the move is still very low.  While mobile poultry slaughtering is spread throughout Germany, the ‘strongholds’ of mobile cattle slaughtering are in Baden- Württemberg and Bavaria.

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Hesse: The first EU-approved poultry slaughterhouse has been in operation since the end of 2023: Improvement in the marketing of mobile slaughtered laying hens.

The EU-approved slaughter unit for poultry can now be used to cut, process and sell poultry to retailers.  

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Mobile pig slaughtering still in its infancy: No practical solutions for the majority of German pig farmers.

Solutions are currently being sought here.

"Direct Farm Sales" facts

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Diverse distribution channels: Farmers utilise a wide range of distribution channels for the Direct farm sales of their products, enabling them to offer their goods effectively and widely.

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Turnover and importance:Direct farm sales has become a significant component of agricultural marketing, with sales reaching approximately 2.7 billion euros.1

The internet offers further growth potential for this sector.

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Trends and consumer preferences: The growing demand for local products highlights the importance consumers attach to the origin of their food. Many prefer to buy directly from producers to ensure transparent production processes.2

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Innovative marketing models: An increasing number of farmers are turning to modern sales channels such as vending machines and online webshops.

This enables 24/7 sales and increases customer reach.