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We are EuroTier

Exhibitors and visitors on challenges and opportunities of modern animal farming.

The decision-makers of the industry are coming to Hannover. There, we can speak with them personally and on an equal footing.

Henrich Clewing, Managing Director Merlo Deutschland GmbH

The overall uncertain political and societal conditions naturally have significant effects on agriculture, especially livestock farming. It is one of our most important target segments in this industry, and their concerns are ours. Despite the current challenges, we expect the market to develop steadily due to the existing population, and we anticipate being part of this growth. We anticipate a logical continuation of cycles, including replacement procurement, among other factors.

We address the current major tasks in agriculture with a wide range of models. Merlo offers various configurations of telescopic loaders, ranging from simple basic models to technically more complex high-end products. For every application, we strive to find the best and most suitable price-performance ratio. Through our extensive service package, we aim to support the full operational readiness of the machines to the best of our ability. We work in conjunction with our nationwide network of dealers and service partners.

From my perspective, the specific focus on animal breeding and alternative energy in the EuroTier trade fair is not just a goal but also a clear mandate. It reaches customers worldwide in a physical format, and as a niche and specialized provider of individual handling solutions, this event is particularly important for us.

We have been participating in EuroTier since 1998. We are impressed by the high level of expertise among the people who visit us. The industry's decision-makers come to Hannover, where we can engage with them personally and on an equal footing.

We are looking forward to the upcoming EuroTier with great expectations.

Jan Gerber, CEO Danish Pig Genetics P/S

At Danish Pig Genetics we work innovatively to create new knowledge and new ways to progress and improvement in the global pig industry. We look forward to the future. Danish Pig Genetics' mission is to create the best and most sustainable breeding animals within the pig industry – both from a financial and environmental point of view.

Our latest breeding program update focuses even more on stronger sows, stronger piglets and better results for our customers' overall business. A strong emphasis on feed efficiency through the breeding goal of "saved feed" and an even more focus on survivability are key. And this without losing focus on litter size and with the aim that the job in the stable should be easier.

Our customers are much more than customers. They are our close business partners. The world's leading trade fair EuroTier offers the perfect platform for us to meet with both our existing and new customers from all countries around the world. This is unique. We are looking forward to the upcoming EuroTier with great expectations.

EuroTier 2024 participation is essential for those committed to fostering a sustainable and resilient future that benefits all stakeholders.

Tarik Isguzar, Board Member at Cantek Group and Executive Director at Cantek Meat Technologies

We are leading providers of advanced solutions for the meat industry; however, we recognized the need to face the global challenges in animal farming with regards to animal welfare at livestock slaughter. This motivated us to design mobile slaughter units that significantly take preventive measures against the suffering of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry by keeping them in their familiar surroundings until slaughter.

Given the global decline of centralized slaughterhouses, members of the livestock industry face challenges in accessing suitable slaughter facilities nearby. Our solution focuses on decentralizing meat processing by utilizing self-contained units adhering to stringent food safety standards. This localization of processing not only maintains meat freshness and safety but also reduces carbon emissions from transportation. This aligns with eco-conscious consumer preferences and contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious meat industry. Furthermore, the economic burdens faced by farmers is alleviated. Our modular model and trailer model revolutionize farming by addressing multifaceted animal farming challenges holistically.

Participating in EuroTier holds great significance for the animal farming industry. The fair provides a global platform to showcase products and services, highlighting innovations that enhance efficiency and sustainability for farmers. EuroTier 2024 participation is essential for those committed to fostering a sustainable and resilient future that benefits all stakeholders — farmers, consumers, livestock, and the environment.

As the world's leading trade fair, EuroTier is the ideal place to present opportunities for the future in a live event.

Gregor Beckmann, Cluster Manager DACH Lely Deutschland GmbH

We all face enormous challenges in food production to feed the world in the coming decades. This will indispensably have to include animal husbandry in order to use non-arable land. On the other hand, animal husbandry must face the changing social and political challenges such as animal welfare and sustainability.

Only innovations in products and processes can provide answers to these urgent questions, in order to ultimately minimise the increasing cost pressure.
Lely aligns its actions with five clear objectives: We stand for more animal welfare, reducing the environmental impact of production, developing nutritious dairy products, creating production conditions with consumer approval and the future success of farmers. In this way, we continue to fulfil our vision of creating a sustainable, profitable and liveable agriculture.

With these goals, we define the Farm of the Future in responsibility as a manufacturer in our dairy farming segment. In doing so, we rely on our 75-year tradition as a farming innovator. In our developments, we also see digitalisation and networking within the industry as an enormous opportunity to provide answers for the successful future of agriculture.

In this sense, EuroTier as the world's leading trade fair is an ideal platform to demonstrate the networking of the industry and to connect with farmers internationally at a great live event.

EuroTier is a must for farmers who are open to innovations and to a professional exchange with colleagues from home and abroad.

Dr. Nora Hammer, Managing Director Bundesverband Rind und Schwein e.V.

The requirements for German livestock farming have changed fundamentally. With the goals of the Green Deal, the Farm to Fork strategy and the Taxonomy Regulation, the challenges continue to increase. This is already having an impact on farms that need loans or have to take out insurance policies. At the same time, the Russian war of aggression has made clear how important agriculture is for supplying the population with high-quality and cheap food. Questions arise from this tension between sustainability and security of supply. 

EuroTier is an international industry meeting place that can and must provide answers. For us, the fair is a driver of innovation and a reliable partner for practicable solutions. For our member companies, the fair is an indispensable source of impetus for shaping farms of the future.

Sustainable food production is inconceivable without animal husbandry. EuroTier is a must for farmers who are open to innovations and to a professional exchange with colleagues from home and abroad.

Animal nutrition is a key to reducing costs without reducing animal performance. EuroTier 2024 is the appropriate framework to find sensible starting points for this.

Nicholas Guthier, Regional Vice President EMEA, Evonik Animal Nutrition

Farm animal husbandry in Europe has been under heavy pressure for years: legal requirements are becoming stricter and stricter, consumers are more demanding, and market prices barely cover the costs. In addition, there have recently been sharp increases in raw material and energy prices due to the war in Ukraine. And the accusation of being one of the main drivers of climate change - because animal products have a disproportionately larger ecological footprint than most plant products for human nutrition.  

For all these reasons, it is important to produce as efficiently as possible. This saves money and relieves the strain on natural resources. A key factor here is animal feed. After all, they account for up to 70 percent of animal husbandry costs and the major share of the ecological footprint of animal products.

Evonik's animal nutrition specialists know what optimally balanced feeding looks like for monogastric animals such as chickens and pigs and for ruminants - at every stage of life. It is based on three pillars: a low-protein diet, the addition of the required amount of essential amino acids and means to stabilise intestinal health.

Many farms are looking for ways to reduce costs without reducing animal performance. One key to this is animal nutrition. EuroTier 2024 is the right setting to find out what is feasible.

Evonik will also be present at EuroTier, the world's leading trade fair for professional animal farming and livestock management, in 2024, presenting its science-based solutions for healthy, efficient and sustainable animal nutrition.

Siliconform appreciates EuroTier as an international communication platform that creates space for valuable exchange of ideas and discourse between producers, veterinarians and manufacturers.

Wilfried Hatzack, Managing Director Siliconform

In the context of the EuroTier guiding theme "We innovate animal farming", Siliconform focuses on rethinking and further developing milking technology without taking the focus off the animal. Meeting the animal at eye level is successful when the technology adapts to the living creature and not vice versa!

Siliconform has been following this approach for more than 50 years and sees animal welfare as a lever for increased profitability: economically, because it is animal-friendly! The family-owned company has been awarded several gold medals for its innovative and animal-friendly products, most recently also with the Animal Welfare Award from btp at EuroTier 2022.

Animal-friendly milking methods paired with excellent quality and reliability are essential parameters for business efficiency in our fast-moving times. Siliconform appreciates EuroTier as an international communication platform that creates space for valuable exchange of ideas and discourse between producers, veterinarians and manufacturers.