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FAQs for exhibitors

(Last updated: 15 May 2024)

Exhibitors can register from 15.11.2022 to 01.02.2023 in the Exhibitor Service Portal. The registration portal will remain open to exhibitors depending on the availability of vacant stand spaces.

By submitting the exhibitor application you are bindingly registered. Please note that confirmation of registration does not automatically result in a guaranteed stand confirmation. The contract for the stand is concluded at the moment when the stand confirmation will have been provided by DLG Service GmbH.

You will receive info mailings from us at regular intervals with important information for exhibitors. Please contact us if you have not received any mailings.

The hall plan can be viewed in the Exhibitor Service Portal after stand confirmation in May.


Please indicate your preferred stand size and location on the registration form. The halls are planned based on this. The layout is organised according to our specialist group concept in order to offer visitors the best possible orientation. You will be able to view your stand location and hall plan after your stand confirmation.

After receiving the binding application, the registration fee will be invoiced.

The basic fee includes: AUMA-fee 0,60 €/m², 3 kW power connection, power consumption, daily stand cleaning and a set of waste bags for waste disposal. You can find an overview of the Full-Service stand options here.

In the event of cancellation by the exhibitor prior to stand confirmation, the €553.00 registration fee remains payable. The exhibitor will be invoiced for this shortly after registration.
Cancellations that are received after stand confirmation will additionally be charged at 25% and more of the stand rental invoice. Please refer to the following table for details:

Time of receipt of cancellation by DLG Service GmbH

Cancellation fee

% of the price based on the confirmed area

Change of contract

(from full-service to stand area without stand construction)

Up to stand confirmation 

€ 553.00


From stand confirmation to 15.08.2023

€ 553.00 + 25% of the stand hire


From 16.08.2023 to 16.09.2023

€ 553.00 + 75% of the stand hire


From 17.09.2023 to 18.11.2023

€553.00 + 100% of the stand hire


Registration fee: The registration fee for the main exhibitor will be invoiced separately after receipt of the registration documents.

Stand rental and advance payment of service charges: With the stand confirmation (from mid-May 2024 on) stand rental and advance payment of service charges (28.00 €/sqm) will be invoiced. (You can find further information about advance payment of service charges here.)

Services: The different services will be invoiced at different times depending on the service provider.

Invoice service charges: The actual service charges invoiced by DLG will be billed after the trade fair in form of an invoice or credit note - probably in December 2024.

Note: Invoices for DLG services can only be made available via the Exhibitor Service Portal. Invoices from service partners can be sent by e-mail or via post . We recommend that you carefully check all invoices you receive by e-mail to prevent fraud (spam mails). If you are unsure, we will be happy to help you. 

In order to ensure the best placement for you, we strongly recommend that you register before 1 February 2024. Our "Late Fee" prices apply for registrations after 1 February.

You can register your innovations for our awards after stand confirmation, probably from mid-May 2024, via the Exhibitor Service Portal. Registration deadline is July 31, 2024.

DLG International’s foreign offices and proven sales partners will be glad to support you with your trade fair planning. Contact the sales partner in your country. An overview can be found here.

Is your country not listed? Contact us within the project team.

All offers and service partners of EuroTier / EnergyDecentral 2024 can only be found on our website. If you are unsecure, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Tickets for stand personnel

The personalised digital admission tickets for stand personnel will be available from around the beginning of September 2024 insofar as all invoices have been paid. The admission tickets will be made available in PDF format and as a file for your smartphone wallet in the ticket service centre (which you can conveniently access directly from the exhibitor service portal).

Depending on the size of your stand, you will receive free multi-day tickets for your stand personnel. No tickets are required for the digital platform. You can store any number of employees in your company profile.

Each admission ticket must be personally registered online prior to the trade fair. Multi-day tickets are transferable. At the same time, the multi-day ticket is also a set-up and dismantling ticket. It is valid from 4 to 21 November.

You can order additional admission tickets for stand personnel in the exhibitor service portal.

Yes, admission tickets for stand personnel are personalised. A maximum of four multi-day exhibitor tickets can be registered per e-mail address. However, the name stored for the e-mail address is then shown on each of these tickets.

The admission tickets for stand personnel that are ordered in addition to the free allotment and the vouchers for visitors will be settled by offsetting them against the advance ancillary cost payment after the trade fair.

Access to the trade fair grounds during the set-up and dismantling phase is only permissible with a valid set-up and dismantling ticket. The multi-day ticket registered for stand personnel is also a set-up and dismantling ticket at the same time. You only require additional set-up and dismantling tickets for persons who arrive either before or after the trade fair.

Persons who are unable to produce a valid set-up and dismantling ticket will be ejected from the grounds. The tickets are free and the number per exhibitor is not limited.

Our organisation team will be happy to answer all questions concerning ordering and managing stand personnel admission tickets. The team can be contacted by calling +49 69 24788-555 or sending an e-mail to: [email protected].

DLG is only an intermediary for parking spaces. Multi-day parking tickets for passenger cars, trucks, caravans and camper vans will be issued by the car park administration subject to the conditions set out in the exhibitor service portal, service offer ‘Multi-day parking tickets for exhibitors:

Gesellschaft für Verkehrsförderung - Parkplatzverwaltung
Messegelände, Europaallee
30521 Hannover
Telefon +49 511 89-33604
Fax +49 511 89-33410
E-Mail: [email protected]

Sustainability guide for exhibitors

The guide informs exhibitors about resource-saving measures in the planning and implementation of their trade fair presence.

  • Use digital flyers with "DLG QR Codes" and avoid large quantities of paper.
  • Instruct your stand builder to install recyclable carpet or reusable carpet tiles on your stand.
  • Reduce stand construction materials wherever possible.
  • Use stand modules that are reusable or easily recyclable materials.
  • Check whether you can use packaging materials more than once.
  • Check whether upcycling of corporate clothing is possible.
  • Check whether it's possible to transport your machines under a cover rather than wrapped in film.
  • Organise the journey of your employees by bus shuttle to Hanover and the trade fair grounds.
  • Electromobility: Use the charging stations on the trade fair grounds.
  • Use the new Green Voucher of our WeReforest project for your invitation management. At the same time, you are investing in climate-stable forest areas.
  • Include a link to the public transport timetable in your visitor invitation.
  • Use reusable dishes and cutlery.
  • Hire a caterer who uses regional and seasonal products.
  • Make sure you use regional service partners.
  • Plan for reusable decorating materials.
  • Replace cut flowers with potted plants.
  • Reduce your company's ecological footprint and support the diverse ecosystem services of our forests.
  • In the service area of the Exhibitor Service Portal you will find further information and can donate directly to the association.