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DLG.Prototype.Club - Challenge. Collaborate. Create.

Digital solutions are a critical component to solving the big challenges faced by the agricultural sector such as food security, climate change and sustainability. Digital solutions can ensure companies a competitive advantage as well as market growth. However, traditional research and development activities in companies comes with significant capital requirements as well as long turnaround times.

How does DLG.Prototype.Club work?


Exhibitors and partners at EuroTier identify a challenge.


DLG.Prototype.Club selects teams of software developers, engineers and startups to solve these challenges.

Rapid prototyping phase

The teams enter a rapid prototyping phase two weeks before EuroTier.

Live demonstration

The teams present their fully functional prototypes together with a business plan to the Challenge partner LIVE during EuroTier.

Media campaign

The complete process from challenge announcement to the announcement of the winner of the challenge is accompanied by a high-profile media campaign.

The solution: Open Innovation. The Solution: DLG.Prototype.Club.

Bring your great ideas to market faster in a more efficient and cost effective process.

Call for challenges for EuroTier 2024 now open.

Are you interested in a free consultation and challenge formulation session? Contact us:

Christopher Armstrong | +49 69 24788-455 | [email protected]

Submit challenge

The campaign

Phase 1:
Define challenge and team

Step 1

Selected partners address their digitalisation challenges in the form of a challenge.

Step 2

DLG.Prototype.Club identifies interdisciplinary teams and start-ups for participation in the competition.

Phase 2:
Develop and present prototype (period of 14 days)

Step 3

Kick-off: The qualified teams receive their challenge and their access to the virtual working platform approx. 2 weeks before the fair.

Step 4

Processing time: Until the trade fair, the teams develop their functional prototypes in virtual space.

Step 5

Pitch: At the fair, the teams present their solution to a jury made up of your company (client) and other experts. At the same time, the teams develop business plans.

Step 6

Selection and award ceremony of the best teams at the trade fair. The further development of the product together with the industry partners can begin.

Why DLG.Prototype.Club – Fast & Efficient and Effective

1. Procurement and purchasing compliant

2. Diversity of ideas and solutions

3. Fully functioning prototypes as a proof of concept along with a business canvas model – no sildes but protoypes is our motto

4. Transparent and secure handling of I.P.

5. Your pipeline to new talent

6. Your brand at the centre of innovation and technology at the most important meeting point of the industry - EuroTier

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DLG.Prototype.Club @ AGRITECHNICA 2023

2 winning teams with follow-up contracts to develop their prototypes further ag-machinery pioneers CLAAS and AGCO.

Contact us

Christopher Armstrong
+49 69 24788-455 • [email protected]